Slapped by the Bishop

I’m old enough to have been slapped by a Bishop.

If you’re Catholic–and old–like me–you know what that means.

If not, let me tell you about the scariest Sacrament of all.

In the olden days, when spanking your kids was considered a good thing, the Bishops would slap us in the face, as we stood before him to make our Confirmation.

The idea was more frightening than the actual pain inflicted, but it certainly kept things interesting.

All of us–boys and girls–would stand boldly before the Bishop and confess that we would be soldiers for Christ, spreading the Gospel, even through hard times.

Thus the slap, to remind us of the pending persecution for choosing such a life.

The symbolism was pretty accurate.

Rumor had it that girls got a love tap, but boys took it on the chin–literally.

I’d like to take a moment to thank 80% of the Catholic Bishops in the U.S.,153 of them, for slapping President Obama in the face with a letter to parishioners this week denouncing his diabolical plan.

In his new health care law, our Commander-in-Chief has declared that contraception, sterilization and abortion pills be forced down the throats of all Catholic institutions, including our Hospitals and Universities.

I’d wipe that smug smile of your face if I were you Mr. President.

There’s another slap coming right back at you.

I predict a huge 5-point drop in the polls out of this, putting you well below 50%.

Be afraid of the sleeping giant Mr. President–be very afraid.

Election day won’t be a love tap.

We Catholics don’t like bullies…unless they’re wearing little red beanies.

Here’s a link to the New York Diocese and Bishop Dolan’s comments.

Good job Bishop, hopefully you’ll be so mad about this, you’ll forget to pray for the Giants–I’m from Massachusetts.


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