Black Coffee Matters

July 16, 2016

I’m the father of three millennials, you know, 20 and early 30 somethings.

If your house is like ours, the current climate over America’s racial issues can dominate family conversation.


Earlier today, while waiting in a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru line (Tyler St. Pittsfield, Massachusetts) I noticed a young black man behind me in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

He seemed to be staring back, through my side view mirror.

No big deal, we were both yearning for caffeine.

I paid my bill, then asked the dear lady at the window how much the tab was for the gentleman next in line.

$5.75″ she said.

Huh…not that bad.

“Here,” I said, “put it on my card.”

“Yes sir.” she gladly agreed.


As I drove away, feeling like I might’ve made a difference in that man’s day, my head banged out this goofy thought:

Black Coffee Matters.

Look, none of us have the power to move mountains on our own, but, and this is a big one, when we act in love for our fellow man, we’re imitating Almighty God.

If enough of us do just that, imitate our Heavenly Father that is, then maybe America can get beyond this quagmire over race we’re stuck in.

As for those millennials, you probably guessed it, they’re not all on the same page…but they are about this challenge I’m about to make.

Here it is.

Fellow white person, here’s the challenge:

If you happen to be at a coffee shop, and you see a black man or woman behind you, please pay for their coffee, at least once, that’s all I ask…just once.

And if by chance it leads you to a conversation, or a hug, or a tear, thank Almighty God for the opportunity to do something good…because it was by His Grace that scenario unfolded.

It was Jesus who said:

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me. Enter into my Kingdom.”


That’s a pretty fair investment for peace, unity and eternal life, don’t you agree?




Obama Finally Approves North American Pipeline

June 21, 2014

You know I’m a wise guy, so the headline can’t mean what one might have hoped, even if you thought it possible just for a split second.

You see, the President doesn’t want us spending less money at the pumps, even if it’s to fill up a Prius.

He likes the idea of $8 per gallon gasoline, like the Brits and French pay…because he thinks his legacy is about saving the planet from rising tides…none of which are connected to the price of fuel by the way.

No dear friends, everything Obama does is backwards…the North American pipeline I’m referring to is not crude oil coming from Canada headed south, but masses of people illegally crossing the border in Mexico, being subject to crude conditions, dashing north.

Oh…the simple joy of watching a once great country turn into a giant toilet because idiotic American voters were too stupid to listen to conservative warnings about the most radical progressive politician to propose leadership in our history.

Don’t worry Democrats…the President’s recent approval numbers over immigration are still a whisker above 30%…combine that with a compliant media and crooked poll workers and you might only lose 20-30 more seats in Congress this November.

Here in Ultra Right Wing Wacko Conservative Land we call that the silver lining.

The New Pipeline

Liberals Erasing American Heritage

June 20, 2014

Most readers know of the Father Daughter Valentine Dance Natalie and I started at St. Mark’s Church in Pittsfield.

Yes, way back in 1993 such things were by and large “OK” with average Americans.

The Guide Book we wrote to help other families copy our success was either sold cheaply, around $5, or given away to roughly 3,000 people across the globe.

One such family was from a wealthy town not far away…in fact, I had socialized with the mom and dad, who quizzed Natalie and I just before they brought this concept to their daughter’s public school.

On a shoe-string budget and a last-minute rush to get it done, with only a few friends helping, they pulled off a lovely time for the dads and daughters in their community…until the following year…when they tried to organize it again.

Yep…you guessed it…some of the moms on the PTA felt it was “offensive” to little girls who didn’t have fathers to hold such a party, assuming their feelings would be hurt…so…they shut it down.

Isn’t that just awesome?

Here’s an idea, let’s make it illegal for any girl to have a father any time…why stop at dances?

I say this from experience…my daughter had a friend who lived next door, with no dad, who had another father take her five years in a row, and she never felt offended…I dare say she felt whole…just ask her.

That’s the problem with political correctness…it’s so over the top ignorant, in favor of correcting an imaginary problem, it creates dozens more, far worse and very real.

Here’s something to chew on U.S. Patent and Trade Office…exactly 25 years ago the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority changed their logo from a Pilgrim Hat with an Arrow through it to only a Pilgrim Hat…so not to offend Native Americans by implying the slung arrow meant they were savages.

So…along comes the all new sanitized hat, minus arrow, and what then do we have…that’s right a logo that doesn’t say “Hey settlers…get the heck off my hunting grounds!”

Political Correctness can’t help but eliminate valued things, like the fact Native Americans invented bows and arrows and loved their land unto the death of thousands of braves and warriors…oops….I just said Braves and Warriors…two mascot names in my community…Taconic in Pittsfield and Wahconah in Dalton…let’s see who takes their names away.

Goodbye Native Americans…thanks to Liberals you were never here at all…and that Kimosabi just isn’t something you dance about…unless of course it’s a war dance.

Bow and Arrow-Native American

African Americans Deserve a Do Over

June 19, 2014

I know these comments won’t sit well with some.

But that’s NOT why I write them…to be popular with everyone that is.

Listen…from time to time a segment of society gets excited that one of “their own” has made it big.

Like how African-Americans beamed with pride over MoTown celebrities such as The Temptations and dozens of other successful singers/groups from their hit factory.

Other times Benedict Arnolds arise among the ranks, that had potential, but turned out to be scoundrels.

This is happening right now.

I’d like to say, if the Black community wishes to disown Obama, for not being the hero they thought he’d be, that’s OK with me.

You see, a real Black hero is someone like Martin Luther King Jr. or Frederick Douglas, whose contribution to society is not marked with scandal after scandal…but hit after hit.



YOU Are More Qualified Than Obama

June 18, 2014

Even though I voted against the President twice, I still can’t deny his first election seemed a defining moment for race equality in America.

It was one thing for Oprah and Michael Jordan to make it in TV/Sports, yet finally, a person of color had reached the highest heights attainable as a politician.

But…just as we conservatives warned, this man was and remains less qualified to be President than ANYONE reading this blog right now, and I mean ANYONE.

To add to the dig, when it comes to saying “I told you so” let’s say this…”pictures don’t lie” and in this case we’re talking about looking at the President’s poll numbers, because it’s official…he’s now less popular than George W. Bush, but still you wouldn’t know it.

For eight years our local liberal newspaper had daily headlines bashing Bush, like it was the most important thing their readers needed to see.

Fast forward a few years, when the Obama train started skidding off the track, like with Fast and Furious, or Solyndra, and a dozen other scandals, I asked one of their editors why they don’t “headline” bad news about Obama like they used to do with Bush…can you guess what he said?

That’s right…”because the locals only want local news”…yeah right, and if Trey Gowdy becomes President somehow I feel the locals won’t want local news anymore.

So, congratulations on being my next choice for President dear reader…that is, if you get a nomination from a party that doesn’t believe in destroying the American family in the name of political correctness.

Uncle Sam Wants You



Is the IRS Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

June 17, 2014

Yes friends, ask any fifth grade teacher on the planet how ridiculous excuses for not doing homework can be and you’ll hear an earful.

And just in case you were wondering, whenever the President declares there will be a “full internal” investigation done on anything remotely odd happening in “his” government that’s a sign things are far worse than we can imagine.

“Internal” is code for “cover up.”

It seems not only have Lois Lerner’s emails been lost, but now six other important figures involved in the IRS targeting of conservatives have had their computers crash with their emails disappearing, just like their leader, Lois Lane Lerner.

How convenient.

But the Super Hero for this scandal is the super gullible main stream media ignoring the story, claiming it’s a “phony scandal.”

The only thing phony are the excuses.

I like these more common fifth grade excuses better than the IRS’s tales.

  • The dog ate my computer
  • A burglar robbed our home and took our desk top
  • My grandmother died and we buried the Dell with her because she loved it so much
  • My HP had the measles so we through it away
  • My father drove over my laptop in the driveway
  • I went away to my cousin’s house over the weekend and he broke the start button on my Apple
  • I dropped my tablet in the toilet and it blew up

Thank you National Review…at least somebody’s on this story.


Pelosi Gavels Bishop…Pope Next

June 16, 2014

Well…it didn’t take long for Nancy Pelosi to jump back on the debate IS hate bandwagon.

But in this case, it’s not even “debate” per se…it’s simply dialogue and encouragement, in which neither she or her imaginary friends need to partake.

Here’s the bottom line good people…in Nancy’s world it’s now considered hateful to have marriage seminars for traditional couples.

God forbid they get closer to one another and become better parents…such a waste of time.

Read this excerpt from Bill Donahue’s article in Catholic League.

On June 19, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone will speak at a Washington rally organized by the National Organization for Marriage. Pelosi is urging him to cancel his plans because the event is not supported by her homosexual friends. Her unmitigated arrogance was on full display when she invoked a remark by Pope Francis. “If someone is gay and is searching for the Lord and has good will,” the Holy Father said, “then who am I to judge him?”

Are you as excited as I am about Nancy next taking her giant gavel to the Vatican to hit Pope Francis on the head when she decides he too has crossed the line?

I can hardly wait…(LOL’ing visualizing the Swiss Guard bonking her on the big toe with that gavel).

Listen…if you agree with Nancy…don’t go away mad…just go away.

Oh…and to all my same-sex friends who want to hold their own marriage seminars, I say this in all sincerity…go right ahead…it’s a free country…what you want to talk about is your business.


Pro Life…But You’d Never Know It

June 15, 2014

Why is it so many of the world’s religions, like Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism etc…are all theologically opposed to murder, yet make up the majority of those having abortions in America?

What is incredibly ironic–Muslims–so often accused of being pro-death when it comes to their enemies, are the least likely sect to tolerate such things?

The world is a crazy place.

Jews have lived through a murderous holocaust, yet rarely do they speak out against the practice.

Protestants claim Catholics had too many rules, yet some accept an edict that “choice” is an untouchable right.

Worst of all, my sect, Catholics, who claim a direct line to the Apostles, with no need for reformation, make up the largest group in our country looking the other way.

God have mercy on those who mouth truth, yet live a lie.

The sin of omission is as great as that of commission…just ask the rich man who couldn’t reach Lazarus and Abraham after death.

He spoke no evil of his helpless neighbor, of whom dogs licked his sores, yet he still reaped God’s judgement.

So many vote for Pro-Choice candidates, claiming other issues are greater than that of hurting a child.

I have no right to judge…but I can’t help but wonder what will be of us who challenge God over something He has deemed so untouchable.

Matthew 18:6.

But whoever shall offend one of these little ones who believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.


Chelsea Clinton’s Minimum Wage

June 14, 2014

For those still banging the drum about greedy conservatives caring only for the top 1%, who hate wage increases for little people, have you heard the one about the former Democrat President’s daughter?

Something funny happened on the way to NBC News Studios.

Apparently a contract was offered to Chelsea Clinton earning her over $600,000. (I guess she was dead broke once…so…that makes it OK)

Now, you might think that’s not really all that much money compared to Cretans like the Koch brothers…but what you’re not taking into account are Chelsea’s hourly numbers.

Per The Business Insider web site, who did the math, as an on air talking head, she earned $27,624 per minute of face time.

Not sure that minimum wage is attainable for too many others without her pedigree…are you…especially by the minute.

But all is not rosy…it seems some liberals are losing patience with Hillary and are calling for Elizabeth Warren to run for President.

If the Senator from the State with the Native American name, Massachusetts, buys into that, do you think she’ll call for another occupy movement…maybe starting in a town called Chappequa (also Native American)?

Oh the drama of the rich, famous and ridiculously pretentious…

Look folks…I’m for capitalism…just don’t tell me you hate it when you’re ankle deep in all its benefits.

Hill and Chel


Judging a Book by its Back Cover

June 13, 2014

We’re all too quick to judge.

I’m the guiltiest…you know us wise guy types.

Every one knows that old cliche’…”You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

But what about the back cover?

There’s another old saying I like…”A tree is far easier to measure once it has fallen.”

What we do with our lives, good, bad, even our failures, are like chapters of our autobiography.

How we finish…that my friends is the climax.

Please God, help us not judge a book before reading it to the end…then, if we don’t like it…well…it’s still Your call.