Belichick on Jeopardy

Any serious Pats fan knows something weird is happening.

The Hooded One is far too relaxed.

He even smiled, wore a tie and told jokes this week.

Is this the Twilight Zone, or did he eat some bad mid-west clam chowder and get a bit loopy?

I don’t believe Bill Belichick has ever been on Jeopardy, but he sure does look like the guy with the most money–about to reveal the final answer–he knows is right.

I still can’t get over this…joy before the Super Bowl stuff.

It’s so–uncharacteristic.

Is that the right term?

I have no idea what he knows, but here are some potential Jeopardy categories that might give us a clue.

  • Super Bowl Touchdowns by Polish Tight Ends
  • 100 Yard Rushing Games by Backs with 4 Names
  • In-Vince-able Defensive Lines
  • Hispanic Surnamed MVP’s named Aaron–Not Victor
  • Super-Model Prayers That Get Answered
  • Newest QB with as many Rings as Montana and Bradshaw

There’s no way I’m going to jinx this.

I stand by my previous prediction–the team whose Offensive Line plays best–will win–it’s that simple.

It still intrigues me how relaxed Coach is.

One sports analyst made the ridiculous comment–“he’s trying to appear nice so he can get an announcer job.”

What a pathetic hypothesis.

Coaches who win three Super Bowls don’t need to be nice.

They just show up at CBS, Fox, or the NFL Network on Sundays and their inscribed chair is already waiting.

Thanks for the smiles Obi Wan–it must be a hint of some kind.

And the answer is–

  • He’s the second best coach in Boston Sports History.

Write your response–in question format–below the “Red” line.

  • Who is…and don’t say Tito.

One Response to “Belichick on Jeopardy”

  1. Robbie Brassard Says:

    Tommy Heinsohn

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