Obama Finally Approves North American Pipeline

You know I’m a wise guy, so the headline can’t mean what one might have hoped, even if you thought it possible just for a split second.

You see, the President doesn’t want us spending less money at the pumps, even if it’s to fill up a Prius.

He likes the idea of $8 per gallon gasoline, like the Brits and French pay…because he thinks his legacy is about saving the planet from rising tides…none of which are connected to the price of fuel by the way.

No dear friends, everything Obama does is backwards…the North American pipeline I’m referring to is not crude oil coming from Canada headed south, but masses of people illegally crossing the border in Mexico, being subject to crude conditions, dashing north.

Oh…the simple joy of watching a once great country turn into a giant toilet because idiotic American voters were too stupid to listen to conservative warnings about the most radical progressive politician to propose leadership in our history.

Don’t worry Democrats…the President’s recent approval numbers over immigration are still a whisker above 30%…combine that with a compliant media and crooked poll workers and you might only lose 20-30 more seats in Congress this November.

Here in Ultra Right Wing Wacko Conservative Land we call that the silver lining.


The New Pipeline


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