Liberals Erasing American Heritage

Most readers know of the Father Daughter Valentine Dance Natalie and I started at St. Mark’s Church in Pittsfield.

Yes, way back in 1993 such things were by and large “OK” with average Americans.

The Guide Book we wrote to help other families copy our success was either sold cheaply, around $5, or given away to roughly 3,000 people across the globe.

One such family was from a wealthy town not far away…in fact, I had socialized with the mom and dad, who quizzed Natalie and I just before they brought this concept to their daughter’s public school.

On a shoe-string budget and a last-minute rush to get it done, with only a few friends helping, they pulled off a lovely time for the dads and daughters in their community…until the following year…when they tried to organize it again.

Yep…you guessed it…some of the moms on the PTA felt it was “offensive” to little girls who didn’t have fathers to hold such a party, assuming their feelings would be hurt…so…they shut it down.

Isn’t that just awesome?

Here’s an idea, let’s make it illegal for any girl to have a father any time…why stop at dances?

I say this from experience…my daughter had a friend who lived next door, with no dad, who had another father take her five years in a row, and she never felt offended…I dare say she felt whole…just ask her.

That’s the problem with political correctness…it’s so over the top ignorant, in favor of correcting an imaginary problem, it creates dozens more, far worse and very real.

Here’s something to chew on U.S. Patent and Trade Office…exactly 25 years ago the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority changed their logo from a Pilgrim Hat with an Arrow through it to only a Pilgrim Hat…so not to offend Native Americans by implying the slung arrow meant they were savages.

So…along comes the all new sanitized hat, minus arrow, and what then do we have…that’s right a logo that doesn’t say “Hey settlers…get the heck off my hunting grounds!”

Political Correctness can’t help but eliminate valued things, like the fact Native Americans invented bows and arrows and loved their land unto the death of thousands of braves and warriors…oops….I just said Braves and Warriors…two mascot names in my community…Taconic in Pittsfield and Wahconah in Dalton…let’s see who takes their names away.

Goodbye Native Americans…thanks to Liberals you were never here at all…and that Kimosabi just isn’t something you dance about…unless of course it’s a war dance.

Bow and Arrow-Native American


One Response to “Liberals Erasing American Heritage”

  1. Susan Babcock-Coleman Says:

    Thank you Jim! It’s good to hear that someone understands that much of the, “politically incorrect”, movement, is a convient way to actually wipe away history! Is it going to go as far as to say, it’s politically incorrect to mention the holocaust, because you will offend the German people? Important historical events in history, which mankind,(oops! I said MANkind), should never forget, lest we not learn from our mistakes, and horrible history be repeated?! Another big problem with this, “political correctness”, movement: no longer is it alright to recognize or mention any ethnic aspects or physical attributes of ethnic peoples! I will share an example of this. Our very first grandchild was born just over a year ago. Her Mom, our lovely daughter-in-law, is from the Philippines, and is part Chinese. In the spirit of thanksgiving and joy, when announcing her birth on Facebook, I was actually criticised, and my husband was told I was , “politically incorrect”! I was criticised because, when rejoicing and exclaiming how beautiful our Granddaughter is, I said, “she has her lovely mother’s beautiful Chinese eyes!” I think it’s absolutely wonderful that she has inherited the Chinese eyes from her other Grandmother! Sense when did it become wrong to recognize or mention that your Grandchild has CHINESE EYES?? …..Is there something wrong with being Chinese or of ANY ETHNIC GROUP? I DON’T THINK SO! By saying it’s, “politically incorrect”, to mention an ethnic attribute, it’s infers that it is something bad! It’s basically saying that it is something to be embarrassed about! Ethnic diversity and physical and non physical attributes ought to be celebrated by all! It’s not something to be ashamed of, which was definately inferred, when I was criticised for mentioning my Granddaughter has her lovely mother’s beautiful Chinese eyes! Is one eye type or nose type or skin colour or hair type and colour, and language, prefered over others? No!! All are beautiful and are created in the image of God! I will go as far in saying that type of, “Political Correctness”, is racest. Though, I must mention that, even saying, RACE, is INCORRECT! For there is ONLY ONE RACE…..THE HUMAN RACE! We are all equal and beautiful! And REMEMBER, history must be taught truthfully, no matter what ethnic groups were involved. All peoples must learn from the past’s mistakes! Grudges, hate, prejudice towards ethnic groups must stop. We must move forward in love, for we are brothers and sisters.

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