African Americans Deserve a Do Over

I know these comments won’t sit well with some.

But that’s NOT why I write them…to be popular with everyone that is.

Listen…from time to time a segment of society gets excited that one of “their own” has made it big.

Like how African-Americans beamed with pride over MoTown celebrities such as The Temptations and dozens of other successful singers/groups from their hit factory.

Other times Benedict Arnolds arise among the ranks, that had potential, but turned out to be scoundrels.

This is happening right now.

I’d like to say, if the Black community wishes to disown Obama, for not being the hero they thought he’d be, that’s OK with me.

You see, a real Black hero is someone like Martin Luther King Jr. or Frederick Douglas, whose contribution to society is not marked with scandal after scandal…but hit after hit.




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