YOU Are More Qualified Than Obama

Even though I voted against the President twice, I still can’t deny his first election seemed a defining moment for race equality in America.

It was one thing for Oprah and Michael Jordan to make it in TV/Sports, yet finally, a person of color had reached the highest heights attainable as a politician.

But…just as we conservatives warned, this man was and remains less qualified to be President than ANYONE reading this blog right now, and I mean ANYONE.

To add to the dig, when it comes to saying “I told you so” let’s say this…”pictures don’t lie” and in this case we’re talking about looking at the President’s poll numbers, because it’s official…he’s now less popular than George W. Bush, but still you wouldn’t know it.

For eight years our local liberal newspaper had daily headlines bashing Bush, like it was the most important thing their readers needed to see.

Fast forward a few years, when the Obama train started skidding off the track, like with Fast and Furious, or Solyndra, and a dozen other scandals, I asked one of their editors why they don’t “headline” bad news about Obama like they used to do with Bush…can you guess what he said?

That’s right…”because the locals only want local news”…yeah right, and if Trey Gowdy becomes President somehow I feel the locals won’t want local news anymore.

So, congratulations on being my next choice for President dear reader…that is, if you get a nomination from a party that doesn’t believe in destroying the American family in the name of political correctness.

Uncle Sam Wants You




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