Is the IRS Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Yes friends, ask any fifth grade teacher on the planet how ridiculous excuses for not doing homework can be and you’ll hear an earful.

And just in case you were wondering, whenever the President declares there will be a “full internal” investigation done on anything remotely odd happening in “his” government that’s a sign things are far worse than we can imagine.

“Internal” is code for “cover up.”

It seems not only have Lois Lerner’s emails been lost, but now six other important figures involved in the IRS targeting of conservatives have had their computers crash with their emails disappearing, just like their leader, Lois Lane Lerner.

How convenient.

But the Super Hero for this scandal is the super gullible main stream media ignoring the story, claiming it’s a “phony scandal.”

The only thing phony are the excuses.

I like these more common fifth grade excuses better than the IRS’s tales.

  • The dog ate my computer
  • A burglar robbed our home and took our desk top
  • My grandmother died and we buried the Dell with her because she loved it so much
  • My HP had the measles so we through it away
  • My father drove over my laptop in the driveway
  • I went away to my cousin’s house over the weekend and he broke the start button on my Apple
  • I dropped my tablet in the toilet and it blew up

Thank you National Review…at least somebody’s on this story.



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