Chelsea Clinton’s Minimum Wage

For those still banging the drum about greedy conservatives caring only for the top 1%, who hate wage increases for little people, have you heard the one about the former Democrat President’s daughter?

Something funny happened on the way to NBC News Studios.

Apparently a contract was offered to Chelsea Clinton earning her over $600,000. (I guess she was dead broke once…so…that makes it OK)

Now, you might think that’s not really all that much money compared to Cretans like the Koch brothers…but what you’re not taking into account are Chelsea’s hourly numbers.

Per The Business Insider web site, who did the math, as an on air talking head, she earned $27,624 per minute of face time.

Not sure that minimum wage is attainable for too many others without her pedigree…are you…especially by the minute.

But all is not rosy…it seems some liberals are losing patience with Hillary and are calling for Elizabeth Warren to run for President.

If the Senator from the State with the Native American name, Massachusetts, buys into that, do you think she’ll call for another occupy movement…maybe starting in a town called Chappequa (also Native American)?

Oh the drama of the rich, famous and ridiculously pretentious…

Look folks…I’m for capitalism…just don’t tell me you hate it when you’re ankle deep in all its benefits.

Hill and Chel



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