Spaulding, Rawlings or Kmart Special

For a few reading my blog title today, especially men of a certain age, they’ll know exactly what it means.

There was a class system in our neighborhood…either your Dad carefully fitted you for a Spaulding or Rawlings baseball mitt and you were cool, or your mom hurried out to Kmart and brought home the dreaded special (complete with tacky badging on the rear strap) and you were a chump.

You could see the difference from a base apart…or should I say “maple tree?”

We spent most of our summers playing “run down” using tree trunks as bases (a game that forced you to practice tagging out a runner stealing).

Last night I played my first organized baseball game (co-ed slow pitch softball) in 40 years.

What glove did I grab?…that’s right, the same Spaulding I bought for my son 20 years ago, which he left behind when he moved away.

Some things never change, especially the way God looks at people who we may think are of a lower class.

In God’s view we’re all the same…equal because He made each soul in His own image.

How we choose to label ourselves and others is irrelevant to our individual ability to reach back out to Him in faith.

Our Father is always there to comfort us, and pay us back double for any kindness or charity we run down.

cheapo glove






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