Respect is Never Overrated

My dad was often sought out as a marriage counselor.

He had no training in the field of family therapy, but there was something about him people admired.

Never in 40 years of marriage do I recall either of my parents raising their voices to one another…ever.

As a little child I remember that my greatest fear was that they would fight…even though they didn’t.

I was blessed, but still very vulnerable.

Dad believed human love was an emotion that could come and go…but respect was a decision that endured hardships.

Rearing children is one of the hardest things we can do.

By their very nature, all babies are insecure.

One decision we must make as a married couple is to never lose respect for our spouse, no matter what emotions we may feel.

Though arranged marriages are a thing of the past, the reason so many of them worked in ancient cultures was because families made deals based on mutual respect.

Think about St. Joseph for a minute.

If any man had the right to yell and scream at his wife for becoming pregnant before they had consummated, it was him.

Yet what did he do?

He respected Mary so much, Scriptures teach us “He chose to divorce her quietly”…in other words, he still respected her.


The next time you feel like yelling at your better half, think about how it will impact your kids…so many young people are falling off the deep end today and I attribute much of it to deep-rooted anxiety.

Another Massery counselor, but who’s counting?

Be the rock your children need…don’t let them down…love your spouse like you love yourself.



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