Raging Private Lion (ess)

You have to love a person not afraid to speak passionately about what they believe.

Especially when they’re raging in sincerity.

In the movie Saving Private Ryan, when Tom Hanks finally reaches the lost soldier he says: “Men died trying to find you.”

The remarks weren’t spoken out of anger, but simply as a matter of truth.

Private Ryan wasn’t a deserter…and because of that, there was only valor in the wind over the dangerous mission that lead to his return.

Fast forward to Bowe Bergdahl…honor has taken a back seat in the headlines of this story, replaced by betrayal and lies.

Those defending Obama, the shallowest politicians, like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi etc…will always demonize conservative pundits who dare question their Messiah, not puny ones like me, but those who touch millions.

If you’ll notice, lefty political hacks are careful to stand clear of lions whose message can devour them…for fear of publicizing a remedy to a disease they don’t want cured; ignorance means power to a tyrant.

Two folks making a giant impact on America regarding this arrogant Presidency are Trey Gowdy and Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Watch this video…it will make you feel better about our future.

I dare say, it will even help President Obama…kind of like an intervention would help an alcoholic.

Is there such thing as a power-aholic?

Yes Barack…the “I” word is on the table, and it’s coming from folks your puny defenders don’t have the mental muscle to battle with.







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