Is Obama Pro Life?

Every now and then, those with whom we generally don’t agree, do things with which we do…agree that is.

(D) Senator Diane Feinstein has earned my respect over the Taliban prisoner release scandal.

Think about it…her criticism of Obama, over the illegal swap of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, not a P.O.W., for 5 Taliban murderers, definitely P.O.W.s, though simple for you and I to detest, for her, means a stoic confrontation with the head of her party.

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“It comes to us with some surprise and dismay that the transfers went ahead with no consultation, totally not following law,” Feinstein told reporters following a closed door meeting. “And in an issue with this kind of concern to a committee that bears the oversight responsibility, I think you can see that we’re very dismayed about it .”

Finally, someone on the left put politics aside…kudos Di!

Here’s another thought, many within my sect (Roman Catholic) believe the death penalty conflicts with the Pro Life position…so, (though I don’t agree–plus–too many liberals are fine with terminating infants, while letting murderers off the hook) the President took a rather re-conciliatory tone, forgiving the earth’s greatest sinners, who really should’ve been executed, or at least jailed for life.

Not much praise is trickling in, even from progressives Mr. Obama…most Americans are sending fireballs, as the idea of a Pro Lifer enabling terrorists with a second chance at killing us, is just a bit too radical.

Not good for your cause…but who’s counting…other than the days America’s torture is over.





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