Did Alice Ever Get a Raise?

My father had a saying about Mothers and Grandmothers;

She can have enough love in her heart for one child in a room

Or for ten children in a room.

We’re all guilty of too much sin, to include taking loved ones for granted.

Jesus is guilty of loving every human being ever created–unconditionally.

As I read about the late Ann B. Davis, the actress who played Alice in the 70’s hit The Brady Bunch, I couldn’t help but muse whether or not Mike Brady doubled her salary when he multiplied her work load times two, marrying Carol and adding three daughters to the clan.

Since the program was make-believe, it’s not worth our worry.

What is a concern, for all of us, are the burdens we create that seem to test God’s Mercy.

Yet, in spite of our endless dirty laundry, Jesus never raises the price for whitening our souls…it’s a cleanser called Faith, that even works through Blood stains.

Now that’s what I call good news for a heart-broken family made whole by One willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Alice Nelson

PS…I’ll never forget you Alice/Ann…thanks for having/being character personified.


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