Beware Hillary–Take Pawns–Leave Queen

Whenever we wanted our kids to eat as toddlers Natalie and I used reverse psychology.

Don’t you eat those noodles.

Don’t you dare eat them.

That’s my pasta…I want it.

I’m giving your spaghetti to Brady (the neighbor kid)

It worked.

By using backwards motivation, pretending to want food they didn’t want, it inspired a craving by capitalizing on their desire to serve themselves and not share…like any toddler would.

The deliberate “leak” of Hillary Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices, shouldn’t surprise.

Don’t think for a second she doesn’t consider Republicans in Congress mere children to be toyed with.

This key statement below, conveniently made public, though it sounds defiant, is measured to guarantee she’s subpoenaed again, by acting like she won’t participate.

I will not be part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans.  It’s just plain wrong, and it’s unworthy of our great country.  Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.

Total B.S. my friends…she’s DYING to be called before Congress…and her auto-biography teaser is just like Natalie and I tricking our kids into eating a mouthful of food.

Listen…have you forgotten the most effective playbook the Democrats have?

It’s the war on women good people…they never lose at that game…but without fresh meat to grind, there’s no blood to let.

In the game of Chess, Pawns are generally considered dispensable, but the Queen is the prize just below the King.

The idea that a subpoena of Mrs. Clinton will inspire her to introduce anything new is ludicrous.

Not only does she crave the attention of an all white male attack, she figures, if the committee settles on her, they’ve once again overlooked those who really know the facts–who–chances are, love our country more than they lust for power.

The game plan for the Republicans MUST be to capture the 20 Pawns, i.e. the State Department eye witnesses of the tragedy, who’ve been threatened by the Government to stay silent…otherwise they’ve walked into Hillary’s trap.

I say, let the Queen do cart wheels on the chess board for all I care.

She has no power without being victimized…remember Monica…her greatest PR agent.

Even a subpoena deal that accepts private meetings, in a secret place, at unknown times, to preserve the privacy of these State Department personnel, is the only way we’ll learn more about what went down.

Remember, it’s the King we’re after, not the Queen.

If taking Pawns gets us there, why waste energy dancing with a fancy lady hiding a dagger under her blouse?

And…as far as the Queen wanting to be King…that’s the next game.

Queen and Pawn



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