Putting the Devil Back in the Rays

This blog isn’t always non-biased…remember, I’m from New England, so lessons might involve the adulation of teams like say…oh I don’t know…the Red Sox?

Sometimes when the Devil has you down in the dumps, hitting rock bottom is about the only way to get things turned around…think Jonah in the belly of a whale, as it compares to 10 straight losses.

Don’t look now, but  it’s 5 straight wins…and…right on cue, in a game against our hated rivals the Tampa Rays, formerly the Devil Rays, we see the hometown players hit by three pitches and four ejections…with zero Rays tossed.

The Devil hates it when we turn things around in faith….but when we’re at our lowest, God always helps us “walk off” in victory, as our enemy face plants themselves in shame.

Sorry Florida friends…I couldn’t resist this one.

game 007


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