Beware The Tempting Lease Payment

Has anyone else noticed ridiculously low lease payments being advertised by major car companies lately?

Here’s the bottom line.

With all the laws out there to protect consumers, there’s one enormous rule missing, manifesting itself in the tiniest print possible.

It’s all about the down payment folks, which you can almost never see, regardless of that 90″ flat screen.

Even if the monthly lease number that sucked you into the dealership is $99, that major down stroke you find out about may as well be added back in, because you don’t get it back.

I believe in leasing, because I’m not the best maintenance guy and I love warranty…but I don’t believe in playing games with consumers.

The only lease payment you should consider is the real one…i.e. minus cash down.

If shopping for a car, just tell your sales rep you want the actual monthly payment, he or she will be happy to get it for you.

Then, from that point, you need to review your budget to determine how much you’re willing to part with in savings to get to a comfortable monthly payment for your car.

One last thing…don’t forget to ask if there are any initiation or drop off fees at the front or back-end of the contract.

A good lease requires nothing more than a first payment…beyond that, tack any fees back onto that magically low number you just outed.

The dealer is obligated to give you full disclosure anyway, it’s just that sometimes, if we find out too late in the process, that we’ve bitten off more than we can chew, we might be too embarrassed to say we can’t see, or do simple math.

lease leader

PS…This Ad above is a doozy…$2,969 plus $599 divided by 36, doubles the $99 price that brought you into the dealership.

PSS…Isn’t sin like that…we think we can get away with it making little impact on our souls, until we see the hidden cost of disobedience, shame and separation of God.




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