Redskin Riot

The timing for today’s inspiration couldn’t be better.

It seems 50 Senate Democrats, without help from Republicans, sent a letter to the NFL, demanding the Washington Redskins change the name of their football team.

Wow…such compassion for Truth…(even though 83% of the country is fine with the name).

In their communication, they even connect the dots between NBA owner Donald Sterling and his anti-Black rant, to the riotously bigoted fans of the Skins–who–angrily refuse to embrace a more politically correct moniker, as they “Heil Hitler” their team.


As fate would have it, Natalie and I visited a National Park in Kinderhook N.Y. today, the Presidential home of 8’th President Martin Van Buren.

Breaking News, this Commander-in-Chief (founder of the Democrat Party and first POTUS not born a British subject) kept political cartoons of himself, to stay humble (I liked that) and since I’m a good citizen who followed Park Ranger Jana’s rules, I didn’t take any inside photos (the pic below is a snapshot of a photo outside the building) but I can assure you, there’s a cartoon hanging on the wall in the Van Buren library that contains a drawing of a Black Slave, with a not so racially sensitive term ballooning from the mouth of a White Politician saying…”As long as I get to keep my ‘N-word.'”

Even more scandalous!

Though I didn’t have time to absorb the entire cartoon, it was clearly a point about slavery.

To be fair, Martin Van Buren, after losing a second term, ran for office a third time,  establishing the “Free Soil Party” intended to prevent the furtherance of slavery into the Western States…but guess what…he never once challenged existing plantation owners.


So, as long as the Senate Democrats have decided our $17 Trillion debt is nowhere near as critical to tackle as the name of a football team, maybe they should reach out to the Secretary of Interior and let him know the “N-word” at a National Park needs to be scrubbed clean…immediately!

Sheesh…are they serious?





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