The Pope A Jew and A Muslim…No Joke

When I first heard The Pope was planning a trip to the Holy Land, accompanied by a Jew and a Muslim, I thought, what a great lead-in to a joke.

Though it’s no joke at all, I can’t resist this punch line…Would you rather he went with a Liberal Democrat?

The fact is, The Pope has far more in common with Muslims and Jews.

Here’s a short list.

1.  Catholics, Muslims and Jews aren’t afraid to acknowledge God in the public square…would a Liberal Democrat?

2. Catholics, Muslims and Jews defend the right to life of unborn children…would a Liberal Democrat?

3. Catholics, Muslims and Jews believe marriage is defined by the joining of one man to one woman under God…would a Liberal Democrat?

Sadly, what’s funny to Liberal Democrats is that all we once held dear, means absolutely nothing to them…and over that, very few are laughing…except for The Devil.

Pope Jew Muslim



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