Black Pastors vs. Obama

Though I’m not Black, the first thing that crossed my mind 20 years ago when the militant same-sex movement started gaining steam, was the incredulous claim that their plight was EQUAL to that of African-Americans.


Tell me, at what time in history were Gays kidnapped from their native land and dragged across an ocean to become slaves?

And when in the past were they ever denied the right to vote, or own land?

If asking for a bank loan, renting an apartment, or trying to impress someone on a job interview, can a Black man/woman turn off their skin color, so not to be shunned?

A Gay person has no visual disadvantage and is free to stay quiet about his/her personal life…(I call that acting normal by the way).

Thank you Black Pastors, for standing up against a ridiculous lie that’s taken the country by storm.

You’re correct to challenge Obama…and in case you haven’t noticed Revs, he’s taking your votes for granted, so he can presume another voting bloc…just like he’s done with others.

It seems to me he’s using us all for personal gain.

Black Pastors


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