Let the Donkey Pull the Plow

Harry Reid is making another mild threat about “going nuclear”…AGAIN.

It’s a term that implies fewer votes are needed to push through Senate majority nominations, basically killing the filibuster.


If my dad were around he’d say “Let the donkey pull the plow.”

It was a cliché used whenever he felt someone was doing you a favor, by thinking they were actually helping themselves.

Mr. Reid’s threat, at least based on the video I saw, seemed tempered.

Here’s why…any law he changes, which helps the current majority, will also help the next majority.

Go ahead Dirty Harry…make my day…it sure would be great to push through pro-life Judges and U.S. attorneys, without your evil hoard of baby slayers having anything to say about it.

I’m glad you can’t understand Arabic Mr. Reid…because you’re a “zshahash” if there ever was one.




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