Gowdy Standoff

There once was a paper and office supply company in my hometown called Gowdy-Shandoff.

If you’re as tired of corrupt talking heads in Congress as I am, please soak in South Carolina Rep Trey Gowdy, as he pulls a Gowdy-standoff with a room full of so-called “reporters.”

Remember, good folks in the media actually did their jobs once…no more.

The best you can hope for is re-hashed talking points meant to protect politicians fearful of losing power.

This short video is the best dismantling of the huge lie that Benghazi has been thoroughly vetted.

By the way, if you disagree, tell me how many of Trey’s questions you were able to answer.

One last thing folks…don’t think for one second the “freak out” over the investigation isn’t coordinated by those fearful of losing power.



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