Black Days at Harvard En Masse

It really wasn’t that long ago when parents all over the world would do anything to help their high school senior get admitted to Harvard.

There was good reason…until now.

Recently, the admissions department, likely under the instruction of the University board, decided that valedictorians or team captains just weren’t interesting enough for their student body or extension school.

So…what did they do?

They started admitting students so far outside the norm, their idea of mocking the oldest Christian tradition on the planet, by holding a Satanic Black Mass, would make Harvard a more enlightened place to learn about other cultures.

But what exactly did we gather from this bigoted God-hater club?

We found that the kids whose pedigree once meant they’d be welcome everywhere for their impressive accomplishments, aren’t even permitted into a local bar to “celebrate” their crude ritual.

Thank you tens of thousands of outraged good folks from Cambridge, Boston and the more traditional student body, who objected…you scored another marathon victory over evil by dissing creepy truth terrorists in the area.

Maybe some day Harvard will remember their humble beginnings.

Until then parents, don’t even think about sending your talented senior there…they deserve better.



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