Tell Mr. Boehner to Listen to Us, Not Them

The idea that Facebook has the ability to connect you to just about anyone in the world, almost instantly, is something I appreciate.

Whatever you do, use it to tell John Boehner to jail Lois Lerner if necessary, in the Capital holding cell.

There’s no doubt that liberals are telling him it would be bad for the party.

You know what?

So is telling a defendant that you’ve removed a legal mode of punishment out of fear for your own political skin.

John…Your excuse for not using it was that it hadn’t been used in over 80 years.


Listen to what my father had to say about such things sir….”If you don’t use your authority, you lose your authority.”

I’m about to use my authority as a conservative voter to “message” the speaker of the house.



That was easy.

P.S…I had to write on his wall…but I still got through faster than any other way.

John Boehner


One Response to “Tell Mr. Boehner to Listen to Us, Not Them”

  1. scatterwisdom Says:

    You may be interested in my post King Solomon’s Wisdom on Truth as an added perspective to your post.

    Regards and good will blogging.

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