Conservatives for Biden, Clean, Articulate and Speaks His Mind

Democrats have never had a problem telling Republicans who their candidates for office “should” be.

As if they’re sincere, each election cycle you can count on them trying to shame establishment Republicans into picking moderates to lead the way…toward failure of course.

But you see…I’m very sincere, and honest too.

I really do believe Joe Biden will make the best Presidential candidate for the Democrats.



No matter what he’s asked to put forth in talking points, he forgets what they are and eventually speaks his mind.

What’s so wrong about that?

Wouldn’t hearing the truth be a nice change?

His latest misstep, which was clearly not one in his mind, was a “pot shot” at the Clintons for favoritism shown to Wall Street types when Bill was President.

You go Joe!

Remember, he was the first Senator to notice how unique Obama was.

Check out this short video and tell me he’s following talking points.

Uncle Joe


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