No Reason to Ignore Hillary’s Shakespeare Lesson

Whenever I travel through an airport, the highlight of my visit is meeting the TSA agent who scans my I.D.

You think I’m kidding?

Here’s the deal…I love the fact that they’re trained to look you in the eye to see how you react.

If you flinch, or look down, they suspect something’s up, and you’re bound to get more scrutiny from the all hands team (that’s a football reference ladies, not a groper joke).

So, why the heck wouldn’t skeptics want more digging done when Hillary flinched and said “There’s no reason to continue looking into Benghazi.”?

It’s laughable to me.

Sorry Mrs. C…you just invited the inspectors to “choose” to look more carefully through your “carry-on” with that suspicious comment.

And tell me…if you were in charge of TSA, wouldn’t you expect the team to do their jobs?

Shakespeare said it best…from Wikipedia:

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks” is a quotation from the 1602 play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. It has been used as a figure of speech, in various phrasings, to indicate that a person’s overly frequent or vehement attempts to convince others of something have ironically helped to convince others that the opposite is true, by making the person look insincere and defensive.

And don’t forget that oldie but goodie, when she whined…”At this point, what difference does it make?”

Put those comments together and you’ve got what cops call “a clue.”

What are you hiding Hillary?



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