Sales 101, Never Mention The Competition

My father taught me this trick.

He used to say “any advertisement that mentions another brand is bound to lose sales, simply because they’ve provided the enemy free advertising.”

No matter what product you sell, your customers will ask about your competitors.

Never ever let that question scare you.


Because it shows they respect your opinion and it’s almost always the last question a buyer asks before he says “yes.”

Here’s the bottom line.

Everyone wants to feel as though they’ve done their very best as a shopper.

When they buy without making a comparison, no matter how limited their research might be, there’s a chance they may doubt their choice.

The number one product you’re selling is yourself.

When you believe what you have is the best, the only words worth saying about your competition is that you respect their desire to make a profit in America, but you consider them to be Brand-X.

It’s a polite way of saying, “they wish they could be like you.”

Running down their name is more likely to cost you a sale.

Give dad’s technique a try…and watch how quickly you’re writing up the order.

Brand X


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