Beware the Pistachio Nut

One of the foods I ate as a child, which I thought everyone ate, were pistachio nuts.

Here in Pittsfield, most had no idea what they were.

I recall brand names like Zaloom and Zenobia, but after America’s trade relations broke down with Iran, our neighbors in California took over the market.

At first their flavor wasn’t up to par, but they eventually figured it out, and now they’re just as delicious.

Since my father owned a wholesale candy outlet, he was legendary in the area not for just selling the nuts, but for giving them away.

They made great presents in the huge 5 lb bag variety.

I just have one warning for folks out there that are now eating them as much as I am.

Don’t bite the shells…even if you’re having trouble getting one opened….they can easily crack your tooth.

Here’s the deal…take one of the shells you were able to open and use it as a tool to pry apart the stubborn ones.

I learned that trick from one of the packages…they had a cartoon illustration of the idea.

Who said Persians were good for nothing?



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