Black Community Needs More Heroes/Less Victims

I know this post prevents me from ever running for Congress, but frankly, I don’t care.

The Truth is far more important to me than personal ambition.

The idea that an 8-year-old boy from Richmond, Virginia has died trying to defend his 12-year-old sister from a 15-year-old rapist is simply beyond imagination.

Listen Black America, the only way to resolve the crime spiral in the inner city is to start idealizing heroes like this little 8-year-old named Martin Cobb.

You see, the whole complaining about racism thing only takes you so far.

The 800 lb gorilla in the ghetto is the complete absence of fathering.

We all talk about the racism of internment camps among Japanese in the U.S during WWII….how about the failure of a giant percentage of your population willingly choosing prison because of a criminal lifestyle…how is that not a form of self internment?

And please tell me, How does a boy grow up to be that evil?

God bless you Martin…you were perfectly named.

I only hope Blacks spend 10% of the time talking about you as they did about Trayvon.

I can have a dream can’t I?

Enough is enough.

Martin...the New Luther King Junior



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