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Beware Hillary–Take Pawns–Leave Queen

May 31, 2014

Whenever we wanted our kids to eat as toddlers Natalie and I used reverse psychology.

Don’t you eat those noodles.

Don’t you dare eat them.

That’s my pasta…I want it.

I’m giving your spaghetti to Brady (the neighbor kid)

It worked.

By using backwards motivation, pretending to want food they didn’t want, it inspired a craving by capitalizing on their desire to serve themselves and not share…like any toddler would.

The deliberate “leak” of Hillary Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices, shouldn’t surprise.

Don’t think for a second she doesn’t consider Republicans in Congress mere children to be toyed with.

This key statement below, conveniently made public, though it sounds defiant, is measured to guarantee she’s subpoenaed again, by acting like she won’t participate.

I will not be part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans.  It’s just plain wrong, and it’s unworthy of our great country.  Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.

Total B.S. my friends…she’s DYING to be called before Congress…and her auto-biography teaser is just like Natalie and I tricking our kids into eating a mouthful of food.

Listen…have you forgotten the most effective playbook the Democrats have?

It’s the war on women good people…they never lose at that game…but without fresh meat to grind, there’s no blood to let.

In the game of Chess, Pawns are generally considered dispensable, but the Queen is the prize just below the King.

The idea that a subpoena of Mrs. Clinton will inspire her to introduce anything new is ludicrous.

Not only does she crave the attention of an all white male attack, she figures, if the committee settles on her, they’ve once again overlooked those who really know the facts–who–chances are, love our country more than they lust for power.

The game plan for the Republicans MUST be to capture the 20 Pawns, i.e. the State Department eye witnesses of the tragedy, who’ve been threatened by the Government to stay silent…otherwise they’ve walked into Hillary’s trap.

I say, let the Queen do cart wheels on the chess board for all I care.

She has no power without being victimized…remember Monica…her greatest PR agent.

Even a subpoena deal that accepts private meetings, in a secret place, at unknown times, to preserve the privacy of these State Department personnel, is the only way we’ll learn more about what went down.

Remember, it’s the King we’re after, not the Queen.

If taking Pawns gets us there, why waste energy dancing with a fancy lady hiding a dagger under her blouse?

And…as far as the Queen wanting to be King…that’s the next game.

Queen and Pawn



Putting the Devil Back in the Rays

May 30, 2014

This blog isn’t always non-biased…remember, I’m from New England, so lessons might involve the adulation of teams like say…oh I don’t know…the Red Sox?

Sometimes when the Devil has you down in the dumps, hitting rock bottom is about the only way to get things turned around…think Jonah in the belly of a whale, as it compares to 10 straight losses.

Don’t look now, but  it’s 5 straight wins…and…right on cue, in a game against our hated rivals the Tampa Rays, formerly the Devil Rays, we see the hometown players hit by three pitches and four ejections…with zero Rays tossed.

The Devil hates it when we turn things around in faith….but when we’re at our lowest, God always helps us “walk off” in victory, as our enemy face plants themselves in shame.

Sorry Florida friends…I couldn’t resist this one.

game 007

Obama and Hillary’s Secret “Lunch”

May 29, 2014

Since People Magazine tweeted the President and former Secretary of State were “meeting” at the White House, yet it wasn’t on the “official schedule,” then back pedaled by re-tweeting “it was just lunch,” more than a few will be speculating why.

Here are a some of my theories about what was said at the MEETING over lunch.

Obama: We’re screwed over Benghazi, don’t tell them it was my fault and I’ll protect you.

Hillary: OK.


Obama: We’re screwed over the IRS scandal, don’t tell them it was my fault and I’ll protect you.

Hillary: OK.


Obama: We’re screwed over the VA scandal, don’t tell them it was my fault and I’ll protect you.

Hillary: OK.

I could go on, but this blog is supposed to be brief.

Raise your hand if you think I’m crazy.

Raise both hands if you think it was ALL OF THE ABOVE and MORE.

Wow…so many touchdowns.

Nice try BamAry, some of us weren’t born yesterday.



Beware The Tempting Lease Payment

May 28, 2014

Has anyone else noticed ridiculously low lease payments being advertised by major car companies lately?

Here’s the bottom line.

With all the laws out there to protect consumers, there’s one enormous rule missing, manifesting itself in the tiniest print possible.

It’s all about the down payment folks, which you can almost never see, regardless of that 90″ flat screen.

Even if the monthly lease number that sucked you into the dealership is $99, that major down stroke you find out about may as well be added back in, because you don’t get it back.

I believe in leasing, because I’m not the best maintenance guy and I love warranty…but I don’t believe in playing games with consumers.

The only lease payment you should consider is the real one…i.e. minus cash down.

If shopping for a car, just tell your sales rep you want the actual monthly payment, he or she will be happy to get it for you.

Then, from that point, you need to review your budget to determine how much you’re willing to part with in savings to get to a comfortable monthly payment for your car.

One last thing…don’t forget to ask if there are any initiation or drop off fees at the front or back-end of the contract.

A good lease requires nothing more than a first payment…beyond that, tack any fees back onto that magically low number you just outed.

The dealer is obligated to give you full disclosure anyway, it’s just that sometimes, if we find out too late in the process, that we’ve bitten off more than we can chew, we might be too embarrassed to say we can’t see, or do simple math.

lease leader

PS…This Ad above is a doozy…$2,969 plus $599 divided by 36, doubles the $99 price that brought you into the dealership.

PSS…Isn’t sin like that…we think we can get away with it making little impact on our souls, until we see the hidden cost of disobedience, shame and separation of God.



Every Youth Pastor’s Secret Weapon

May 27, 2014

Legend has it that St. Augustine said this;

He who sings, prays twice.

Recently a young clergyman visited seeking suggestions, as he heard I was a youth pastor 20 years ago.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew what I believed.

Since the age group was middle school, I thought the best way to get through was with music; that was a given.

My secret weapon was Keith Green.

If you’ve never heard him and you’re curious, all I can say is listen once and you’ll know why.

Starting a youth group takes more courage than faith; kids are brutally honest.

Rejection too is a given…but with great music you can cut right through the bone and marrow (pre-teens don’t have much else) and pierce their hearts with truth.

Here’s an experiment you can try on yourself.

Put your head down on a desk or table, close your eyes…then listen to this entire song called The Sheep and the Goats…it’s Biblically and brutally honest.

If you think it wrenched your soul, imagine what it could do to a 12-year-old.

Thanks Keith…amazing effort…I can’t wait to sing with you some day.


PS…Keith Green died in a plane crash 30 years ago, but his music is still soaring.



Who Was the First Palestinian/Jewish/Christian?

May 26, 2014

Reading an article how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Pope Francis were bickering over which language Jesus spoke, I couldn’t help but think of the irony.

Netanyahu, not a Christian, insisted the Lord spoke Hebrew (a Bible language).

The Pope, not a Muslim, insisted Jesus spoke Aramaic (an early Arab dialect).

Does anyone else see the humor in this?

Check out the title of this map too, from a New Testament publishing company.


When you take a look at the big picture, Jesus actually was all three: a Palestinian, a Christian and a Jew.

He proclaimed He was the Way, the Truth and the Life…then, to back it up, He died for the sins of the world.

Why wouldn’t all people want this perfect man to be their God?

He is mine.


32 Evil NFL Names–Shocking

May 25, 2014

With the shock of a mass murder in America (Santa Barbara, CA) sending most folks into mourning, a cacophony of blame against anything non-PC, like the NRA, is spewing like volcanic ash from the parents of the multi-weapon assassin.

Don’t think for a minute this duo failed as parents, because that would mean they took responsibility for having such a jerk for a kid.

If you’re a liberal, you never waste a crisis.

In light of the 50 Senate Democrats who’ve written to the NFL to request a team change their offensive sounding name, maybe all the Football monikers are as much to blame for problems in America as the Redskins.

Using the six degrees of separation rule as my limit, let’s take each team, one at a time, and see what kind of blame we can heap on them…Oops I said “heap”…you know, as in…”heap big”….very insensitive of me.

Here we go:

Baltimore Ravens-Edgar Allen Poe, Remember the Raven, Nevermore, Too Judgmental.

Buffalo Bills-Bill Coty, Hunted Bison, Not a Vegan.

Cincinnati Bengals-Stripes, Prisoners Who Wear Them, The System is Rigged.

Cleveland Browns-Too Close to the Color Black, They Have an Owner, Sounds Like Slavery to Me.

Denver Broncos– White Ranchers from Texas Try to Break Them, They Prefer to Run Free, Like Women Without Bras.

Houston Texans-George W. Bush is a Fan. (Dishonorable Mention…City Once Hosted The Oilers)

Indianapolis Colts-See Denver Broncos…Think Veal.

Jacksonville Jaguars-European Car with Too Many Cylinders, Leather Seats.

Kansas City Chiefs-Would Native American Chiefs Play Anything but Lacrosse?

Miami Dolphins-Too Sad, So Many in Tuna-Fish Cans.

New England Patriots-Minute Men, Muskets, Second Amendment. (1’st Prize…or last, depending on perspective)

New York Jets-Not Until We Can Fly Them Without Fossil Fuels.

Oakland Raiders -Pirate On Helmet Looks Like White European, Plus He’s Vision Impaired.

Pittsburgh Steelers -Mills, Ozone Layer, America’s a Mean Country for Using Up Too Many Resources.

San Diego Chargers-Coal Fired Plants, Making Artificial Electric Lightning Bolts.

Tennessee Titans-Implies Little People are Inferior.

Arizona Cardinals-Think Roman Catholic Cardinals, Men Standing Up Against a Woman’s Right to Kill Her Kid(s).

Atlanta Falcons-Ford Made a Falcon, It Got Really Bad MPG.

Carolina Panthers-Since They’re Just Panthers, and Not “Black Panthers,” That’s Racist.

Chicago Bears-Too Many in Circuses, Dancing on the Outside, Crying on the Inside.

Dallas Cowboys-Clint Eastwood Movies…We Hate Him Now.

Detroit Lions-Christians, Bragging About Being Eaten By Them, Making Atheists Feel Guilty.

Green Bay Packers-Cheese They Packed Isn’t Labeled “No GMO’s.”

Minnesota Vikings-Handsome Blonde Men with Blue Eyes, Making Couples from Northampton Uncomfortable. (You probably won’t get that one, but I just cracked myself up.)

New Orleans Saints-Implies Everyone Else is a Sinner, There’s No Such Thing.

New York Giants-Stole Their Name from a Baseball Team, Before Number 42 Was Retired. (No offense Jackie…you were a great Republican.)

Philadelphia Eagles-Like Waving An American Flag in the Face of a Mexican.

San Francisco 49ers-Too Much Sifting Through Streams, Leaving Traces.

Seattle Seahawks-So Many Died During the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989, It’s Just Too Soon.

St. Louis Rams-Abraham Sacrificed One, Instead of His Son Isaac, Too Messianic.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-See Oakland Raiders, Except These Pirates Wear Orange, Which is Kinda Metro…So…Not as Bad.

Washington Redskins–See Harry Reid’s New Book, Defending Elizabeth Warren.

Patriots Too Second Amendment Friendly



Redskin Riot

May 24, 2014

The timing for today’s inspiration couldn’t be better.

It seems 50 Senate Democrats, without help from Republicans, sent a letter to the NFL, demanding the Washington Redskins change the name of their football team.

Wow…such compassion for Truth…(even though 83% of the country is fine with the name).

In their communication, they even connect the dots between NBA owner Donald Sterling and his anti-Black rant, to the riotously bigoted fans of the Skins–who–angrily refuse to embrace a more politically correct moniker, as they “Heil Hitler” their team.


As fate would have it, Natalie and I visited a National Park in Kinderhook N.Y. today, the Presidential home of 8’th President Martin Van Buren.

Breaking News, this Commander-in-Chief (founder of the Democrat Party and first POTUS not born a British subject) kept political cartoons of himself, to stay humble (I liked that) and since I’m a good citizen who followed Park Ranger Jana’s rules, I didn’t take any inside photos (the pic below is a snapshot of a photo outside the building) but I can assure you, there’s a cartoon hanging on the wall in the Van Buren library that contains a drawing of a Black Slave, with a not so racially sensitive term ballooning from the mouth of a White Politician saying…”As long as I get to keep my ‘N-word.'”

Even more scandalous!

Though I didn’t have time to absorb the entire cartoon, it was clearly a point about slavery.

To be fair, Martin Van Buren, after losing a second term, ran for office a third time,  establishing the “Free Soil Party” intended to prevent the furtherance of slavery into the Western States…but guess what…he never once challenged existing plantation owners.


So, as long as the Senate Democrats have decided our $17 Trillion debt is nowhere near as critical to tackle as the name of a football team, maybe they should reach out to the Secretary of Interior and let him know the “N-word” at a National Park needs to be scrubbed clean…immediately!

Sheesh…are they serious?




The Pope A Jew and A Muslim…No Joke

May 23, 2014

When I first heard The Pope was planning a trip to the Holy Land, accompanied by a Jew and a Muslim, I thought, what a great lead-in to a joke.

Though it’s no joke at all, I can’t resist this punch line…Would you rather he went with a Liberal Democrat?

The fact is, The Pope has far more in common with Muslims and Jews.

Here’s a short list.

1.  Catholics, Muslims and Jews aren’t afraid to acknowledge God in the public square…would a Liberal Democrat?

2. Catholics, Muslims and Jews defend the right to life of unborn children…would a Liberal Democrat?

3. Catholics, Muslims and Jews believe marriage is defined by the joining of one man to one woman under God…would a Liberal Democrat?

Sadly, what’s funny to Liberal Democrats is that all we once held dear, means absolutely nothing to them…and over that, very few are laughing…except for The Devil.

Pope Jew Muslim


Black Pastors vs. Obama

May 22, 2014

Though I’m not Black, the first thing that crossed my mind 20 years ago when the militant same-sex movement started gaining steam, was the incredulous claim that their plight was EQUAL to that of African-Americans.


Tell me, at what time in history were Gays kidnapped from their native land and dragged across an ocean to become slaves?

And when in the past were they ever denied the right to vote, or own land?

If asking for a bank loan, renting an apartment, or trying to impress someone on a job interview, can a Black man/woman turn off their skin color, so not to be shunned?

A Gay person has no visual disadvantage and is free to stay quiet about his/her personal life…(I call that acting normal by the way).

Thank you Black Pastors, for standing up against a ridiculous lie that’s taken the country by storm.

You’re correct to challenge Obama…and in case you haven’t noticed Revs, he’s taking your votes for granted, so he can presume another voting bloc…just like he’s done with others.

It seems to me he’s using us all for personal gain.

Black Pastors