Please Don’t Ban Him For Life

First of all, the conversation was private.

He was confiding in someone he trusted, and that alone makes this whole incident extremely unfair.

Second, even if he actually did say these things, he’s done so much good in the past for the Black community, they really ought to stay loyal.

Racist remarks made in the past were apologized for, and with that repentance, I see forgiveness as the only solution.

The majority of people he’s offended were genuinely upset, but isn’t it possible a tiny number might’ve celebrated this misstep and used it as a chance to get even?

You think you know who I’m talking about…but you really don’t.

Do you reckon I mean “The Silver Fox?”

Actually, I don’t even know who that is, does he have the Instagram?

You see, I’m talking about Jesse Jackson.

And I’m so glad New York City (which he called “Hymietown” in a private interview regarding its large Jewish population) still allows him to come and go whenever he pleases.

And, when he said “I’m sick of hearing about the Holocaust,” though reprehensible, a civilized Israel by and large let it go.

Can’t we all just calm down and stop acting like a bunch of uppity white folks from another league whenever Jesse goes off message?

Oops….that could be construed a racist remark…except that racism is not necessarily an equal opportunity thought crime.

This Wikipedia article will back up my assertions.

As long as we’re fair folks…it’s all good…otherwise, there’s no way to keep the sheep happy, especially if some get fed and others get slaughtered.

Keep Calm


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