NBA, Owner and Girlfriend All Big Losers

Our church has a wireless portable microphone for the pastor.

This morning, moments before the 11 am Mass, our Priest could be overheard in the chapel, and it was clear he had no idea the congregation was listening to his every word.

I sent my son into the sacristy to tell him ASAP that his mic was hot.

Not even the holiest of Christian soldiers speaks in angelic fashion 24/7.

The Pastor said nothing wrong, but, you never know.

Everyone deserves privacy.

I even whispered to Marc “I was afraid he’d say something about me” and I didn’t want to hear “Oh brother, there’s that big mouth Massery again.”

Fact is, anyone who makes statements such as “I don’t want my loved ones seen in photos or at basketball games with Black people” has an even bigger problem with God.

The players and coaches have every right to be upset and to protest by not playing. (Their reversed warm-up jersey made a great statement).

This sad tale hurts the NBA brand far more than it does the players.

To my Black friends everywhere, please remember that when God allows us to suffer He always provides a path to make us stronger; with Doc Rivers as the Clippers Coach, you can bet on him leading you in the right direction.

As for Mr. Sterling, at 81, not much is going to change, penalized or not.

His current “relationship” with a girl barely out of her teens is a bit telling of his maturity level.

And is there not an 800 lb. gold digging “gorillette” in the room?

Imagine for a second a person you thought you could trust was secretly recording all your private conversations.

How long before you’d mess up?

I’m confident the NBA will do the right thing and sanction Donald Sterling.

As for the little money grabber, her Sugar Daddy days are over.

Not that many others could be as bigoted as Sterling, but what Daddy Warbucks in his right mind would date her?

She’d best dig-up her user name and password.

The next Clippers game she sees will be from a booth at Applebee’s sitting across from some poor dude living in his mom’s garage…and that won’t buy much bling.

Sterling and Girlfriend


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