White Settlement vs United Negro College Fund

When Jesus and the Apostles didn’t wash according to Jewish custom the Pharisees whined about them being unholy.

What were these pompous priests really up to?

You know, deflecting attention from their misdeeds, pushing negative vibes onto the Lord, Who they hated.

I’m growing weary of PC cops condemning good people for using words that once were perfectly acceptable, but are now unholy.

Here’s a shocker Elizabeth Warren fans won’t accept…did you know there’s a city in Texas called White Settlement?

And–the reason for their moniker was folks who moved there were often confused with another settlement nearby that was exclusively Native American, so to differentiate they used a colorful adjective.

Was it hatred, racism, or extremism?

Ask a liberal and he’ll say all of the above.


Did you know there’s an organization called the United Negro College Fund, a.k.a. UNCF?

Kind of how KFC is really Kentucky Fried Chicken, but because fried anything is worse than Marlboros to leftists.

Here’s when use of the softer “n” word should be unacceptable to uppity whites…when the good people who started the UNCF change their name to something else.

Otherwise, a whine is a terrible thing to waste.


United N College Fund






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