When Will IRS Play Fair?

I remember getting into a wrestling match on Loumar Drive with a kid in my neighborhood named Jamie.

His dad drove by and upon seeing my cousin Billy helping me, he rolled down his window and said…”Listen, I don’t mind Jamie getting into a fight, just so long as it’s fair…one on one.”

Good for you Arnie (Jamie’s dad).

Fast forward to today.

First of all, the IRS got it right when they revoked the tax exempt status of a conservative group that made a political comment about Hillary Clinton.


Jim, have you lost your right wing mind?

Not at all…those are the rules…which is why your pastor or priest can’t endorse a political candidate.

Here’s my point.

Imagine if the IRS actually played fair and also revoked the status of hundreds of liberal leaning non-profits who did the same?

Can you imagine them pulling the rug out from under a charity that criticized Bush or Romney?

I can’t.

Conservatives don’t mind laws, provided they’re equally enforced.

IRS gets an F in terms of fairness.

Arnie gets an A.


2 kids wrestling



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