Pope John Paul II The Movie–Review

I don’t think it’s possible a Catholic could have a better Easter Sunday than to watch a movie of a man I can say I knew, at least through television, one week away from his Canonization.

I know for many of my non-Catholic friends, this seems like an overreaction to a common sinner.

But think about this…the Bible teaches us the Angels rejoice every time a sinner turns to God.

Is it then not possible that Angels would rejoice even more over the life of one who turned thousands back to God?

I highly recommend this movie for those interested in how to combat socialism. (still thriving as political correctness)

Love, coupled with courage to fight, minus violence, made this man, Karol Wojtyla, one of God’s greatest weapons against evil and atheism in our day.

Sound familiar?

Are you a weapon against the enemy?

If not, you need to see this movie to learn how to wage war.

Don’t judge him for being Catholic and different from you…judge yourself for being luke-warm and different from him.

In spite of his suffering and ill-health, he visited 129 countries, many hostile to the Gospel.

This link lists his voyages.


This link provides free YouTube access to the entire film, in English, with Spanish subtitles.

Though running time is a bit long, close to 3 hours, and the subject matter not for all ages, Jon Voigt, the elder Pope is superb, Cary Elwes, the young Man/Priest/Bishop, even better, portraying the patience of a true Saint.

The producer’s attention to detail helps those who don’t know, understand his connection to both Nazi and Communist occupation.

Aside from Billy Graham, it’s possible no man since Paul the Apostle converted more souls to Christ.

Pope John Paul II


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