Muslims We Might Want to Support

Just when you think it’s safe to make sweeping generalizations about people with whom we don’t concur, something happens that makes you think again.

Imagine that 17 or 18 Presbyterian cab drivers in Cleveland walked off the job over a religious conflict?

Could you guess why?

Here’s a hint…some promoting a lifestyle that caused such a stir recently sued a photographer for doing the same thing…refusing to engage in what she considered morally objectionable.

Truth is, there were no Presbyterian cabbies…they were Muslims.

Are they being violent?


Are they threatening death?

No evidence.

Are they making a personal sacrifice in the name of God?

Hard to argue they aren’t.

Are they doing what most so called Christians wouldn’t?


You know what…Allahu just got a little bit more Akbar in my book.

Thank you Habibis…I’m proud of what you did…and God is never mocked.

Or should I say played games with?

I wonder how many of these cabbies will be slapped with a law suit?

Or do the lovers in question only harass Christians because they’re less likely to take revenge.

Hmmm…vengeance is really God’s anyways.

It’s much more civil that way.

NYC Mosque



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