Shake, Cattle and Role Reversal

Last week conservatives everywhere were shook-up over the Bureau of Land Management’s attempt to corral a Nevada rancher whose family had been grazing cattle on the same tract of land for over 100 years.

But…thanks to the new media’s internet stampede, the Government blinked and gave up their wild west mission.

In my book, in spite of their initial PC position, Obama and his people made the correct decision to saddle up and ride on home.

I don’t care about their motives.

In a bitter irony, the Nevada Republican Party has dropped a long time Pro-Life plank from their platform.

Conservatives in the herd are mooing pretty loud.

Are they going to repent?

I sure hope so.

But if not, that golden calf of an idea won’t buy too many votes.

Cattle Ranchers in Nevada



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