A Private Message to Pregnant Women in Crisis

First of all, if you’re an ardent Pro-Choicer, please don’t read this article…it’s not for you.

Surf over to Huffington Post or MSNBC or something…this is a private matter between me and my pregnant readers in crisis.

I’m dead serious…go away!

Are you gone?


Now listen ladies…a local Pro-Lifer wrote a letter to the editor yesterday that I liked.

Here’s an excerpt.

While my aunt lay dying she told me that she had two abortions and never had a day gone by that she hadn’t thought about the two children she had aborted.

Liberals, like the ones I just shooed away, like to argue against “playing God” saying “a woman has the right to choose” to kill her own child, because it’s “her body”.

Hypotheticals are a huge part of their argument.

“What about rape, incest, or the life of the mother?”…all of which are very real, but still, less than 1% of the reason for millions of abortions each year.

May I ask…is that one of your reasons?

I thought not.

Would you be so kind as to permit me to make one very short hypothetical argument?

Good…thank you.

Let’s just say a lady Panda Bear is pregnant.

And let’s imagine she’s decided to start pounding away at her stomach with a large branch from an oak tree, to kill her unborn cub.

Who would dare argue that a zookeeper is “playing God” if he or she tried to stop her?

Everyone agrees that unborn Panda is very rare and part of an endangered species, worth fighting hard to keep alive.

Have you ever imagined that your blood line is just as rare?

That you and your children are as important to God and your family as that Panda cub is to the zoo?

Fact is, and it’s not hypothetical, Jesus came to earth to die for the sins of murder, rape and incest.

The blood of Christ can make everything right in your life…even if you’re afraid to carry full term…He won’t forsake you…just pray for help…it will come, because the Bible says your child has Angels to protect him.

But…and this is a big “but”…just as surely as Christ’s blood can heal your life…the blood of your child can ruin it, breaking your heart every day, as he calls out to you from the grave.

Is it really worth stopping your bloodline to keep things convenient in your life?

If things are that bad, there are adoption centers that will embrace you and help your baby find a great home.

Just try.

You will never, ever, regret doing the right thing.

Think about that poor innocent Panda Bear inside her mother’s womb…waiting to be loved.

Who could possibly explain to that little Bear what was really going on with it’s mother, when all that precious creature knows is love for the one who’s carrying him.

Baby Panda





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