Shoe Throwing At Hillary…No Soul Deserves That

There may not be many folks you know further to the right than me.

Obviously I’m no celebrity pundit, like Limbaugh or Hannity, but I am public about my leanings, and chances are, if you read this obscure and at times annoying blog, you know me.

Thank you by the way for your charity.

A few days ago, a woman with some type of grievance tossed a shoe at Hillary Clinton, who was on stage at an event in Las Vegas.

To be fair…if Hillary Clinton eventually does run for President again, I’ll likely be the first to point out her shortcomings as a leader.

But…I won’t throw things at her, nor encourage anyone else to behave beneath the dignity of a Christian lady or gentleman.

If you want to make a loud statement, write a letter to the editor, or organize a peaceful protest, or simply talk about what you believe to your friends and family, with or without the internet…all well within your 1’st Amendment rights.

But…stooping to childish and potentially dangerous antics, like the tossing of footwear, which could’ve easily injured Mrs. Clinton’s eye…that makes me crazy.

God please remind us all, that debate actually does become hate, when it’s accompanied by violence.

Every soul God created deserves dignity and respect from their fellow man…whether we know them personally or not.

Clinton and Idiot Shoe Thrower


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