Muhammad vs Ali

I miss the golden days of boxing.

Heavy weight fights between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were probably my all time favorites.

I feel privileged to have lived through that era.

What made the man’s fights so intriguing was his sold-out rejection of war.

Ali never did jail time, but he did lose three years of his prime, for refusing to serve in Viet Nam.

Yet when the man entered the ring, he was a cunning warrior.

Fast forward to another version of Muhammad…the radical Muslim community.

Their influence over Brandeis University makes me feel ashamed to be from the same State.

Only in a world gone mad can one standing up to atrocities imposed on women be invited to speak at Brandeis University and then summarily uninvited because of politically correct cowardice.

Thank you Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for fearing no man or institution.

Like my favorite fighter of the past, you must stick to your principles, no matter the cost.

History will remember the truth.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Muhammad Ali




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