Brandon Spikes and The NFL Slaves

It’s hard to be surprised over anything a disgruntled NFL player says on Twitter.

I was a fan of linebacker Brandon Spikes when he was on the Patriots…he had several big games.

But he’s a Buffalo Bill now, making a bigger name for himself declaring he was “4 years a slave,” while working for Mr. Robert Kraft in Foxboro.

Does he understand what the NFL is?

Yes Brandon, you were “property” of the Patriots–then–when you became a free agent, you chose to become “property” of the Bills.

In fact, by your definition, there are 1,696 slaves in the NFL, 53 per team, earning an average salary of $1.9 million per year. (including your $3.25 million with Buffalo)

Fortunately, real slavery in America is dead and civil rights are alive, thanks to two Republicans named Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.

What’s not dead is overreaction to disappointment, and the habit some folks have of making inflammatory statements for no good reason.

Good luck in Buffalo Brandon…just watch out for those mean old Coaches with whistles…you never know when one might hurt your feelings by asking you to work a bit harder.

And as for Mr. Kraft…you couldn’t have asked for a better owner.

Brandon Spikes


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