The Far Greater Number Dems Must Hide

I love the way Brits treat news in the U.S.

If they think it’s bogus they HEADLINE the lie.

Ergo, their treatment of the 7.1 million folks who reportedly signed up for Obamacare.

They called the Democrats out.

Here’s the article, which cites a study showing only 858,000 actually paid.

There’s one more number we may never know…yet the entire law relies upon it.

It’s those fined for not buying insurance.

Can you imagine a time when Democrats will brag about even one person they’ve penalized under the law, for not having the resources to pay for Healthcare?

I can’t.

The far bigger problem Democrats have with this law is the image of them being a party that punishes.

I can see it now, Harry Reid calling people liars, who’ve actually been fined by the IRS, then blaming it on the Koch Brothers.

Wait…I mean blaming it on Romney…he’s the latest nuanced thinker’s scapegoat.

That may be why the individual mandate has been pushed back to 2016…even one is too many for a party in full retreat.




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