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Politicians Would Never Rob Disabled Children…Right?

April 30, 2014

If you and your spouse were caring for a disabled child in your home, wouldn’t you appreciate Medicaid dollars to help pay the bills?

But then, what if you heard politicians approved a law that siphoned some of that money away before it even got there, because a schemed declared your love for your child landed you in a union?

You’d be outraged like me I’ll bet.

And then, what if you found out that money was going to union bosses so they could re-direct it back to the same politicians?

That could never happen in America right?


I can’t tell this story better than Perry Charamonte…read it, weep, then cheer; it has a happy ending.




Please Don’t Ban Him For Life

April 29, 2014

First of all, the conversation was private.

He was confiding in someone he trusted, and that alone makes this whole incident extremely unfair.

Second, even if he actually did say these things, he’s done so much good in the past for the Black community, they really ought to stay loyal.

Racist remarks made in the past were apologized for, and with that repentance, I see forgiveness as the only solution.

The majority of people he’s offended were genuinely upset, but isn’t it possible a tiny number might’ve celebrated this misstep and used it as a chance to get even?

You think you know who I’m talking about…but you really don’t.

Do you reckon I mean “The Silver Fox?”

Actually, I don’t even know who that is, does he have the Instagram?

You see, I’m talking about Jesse Jackson.

And I’m so glad New York City (which he called “Hymietown” in a private interview regarding its large Jewish population) still allows him to come and go whenever he pleases.

And, when he said “I’m sick of hearing about the Holocaust,” though reprehensible, a civilized Israel by and large let it go.

Can’t we all just calm down and stop acting like a bunch of uppity white folks from another league whenever Jesse goes off message?

Oops….that could be construed a racist remark…except that racism is not necessarily an equal opportunity thought crime.

This Wikipedia article will back up my assertions.

As long as we’re fair folks…it’s all good…otherwise, there’s no way to keep the sheep happy, especially if some get fed and others get slaughtered.

Keep Calm

Why I Can’t Do Starbucks Alone

April 28, 2014

I really do appreciate conservatives pundits.

I consider myself to be a mini version.

But for me, I prefer logic served up on plain white toast…nothing fancy.

I know right-wing columnist George Will is 1,000 times smarter than me, but for darn sakes, whenever I read his columns I have no idea what he’s trying to say.

Please don’t think I’m blaming you George…it’s not you it’s me…in fact, that reminds me of another George who claimed he invented “it’s not you it’s me.”

You see, I can’t even stay focused enough to be serious about my own ineptitude.

Limbaugh style politics suits me best; plain enough for a fifth grader…like me.

Now that you’ve heard my preferences for conservative theory, can you guess what happens whenever I have a choice between a Dunkin Donuts or a Starbucks?

Let me give you another hint…I won’t enter a Starbucks alone…I have no clue what the signs mean…especially the sizes.

My wife and kids are experts.

If I’m with Natalie, whatever she orders I just say “make that two,” and if my son or daughter are with me, I double one of their choices.

Sorry Starbucks…when I say “small black,” that’s it, end of story, I don’t want you to ask me any more questions.

The Dunkin folks get that.

If I’m alone in a Starbucks and you ask me a question this is what you’ll hear.

Oops, what, huh, oh…whatever that lady bought 5 minutes ago…wait, never mind…I’ve got to go.

 Dunkin vs. Starbucks

NBA, Owner and Girlfriend All Big Losers

April 27, 2014

Our church has a wireless portable microphone for the pastor.

This morning, moments before the 11 am Mass, our Priest could be overheard in the chapel, and it was clear he had no idea the congregation was listening to his every word.

I sent my son into the sacristy to tell him ASAP that his mic was hot.

Not even the holiest of Christian soldiers speaks in angelic fashion 24/7.

The Pastor said nothing wrong, but, you never know.

Everyone deserves privacy.

I even whispered to Marc “I was afraid he’d say something about me” and I didn’t want to hear “Oh brother, there’s that big mouth Massery again.”

Fact is, anyone who makes statements such as “I don’t want my loved ones seen in photos or at basketball games with Black people” has an even bigger problem with God.

The players and coaches have every right to be upset and to protest by not playing. (Their reversed warm-up jersey made a great statement).

This sad tale hurts the NBA brand far more than it does the players.

To my Black friends everywhere, please remember that when God allows us to suffer He always provides a path to make us stronger; with Doc Rivers as the Clippers Coach, you can bet on him leading you in the right direction.

As for Mr. Sterling, at 81, not much is going to change, penalized or not.

His current “relationship” with a girl barely out of her teens is a bit telling of his maturity level.

And is there not an 800 lb. gold digging “gorillette” in the room?

Imagine for a second a person you thought you could trust was secretly recording all your private conversations.

How long before you’d mess up?

I’m confident the NBA will do the right thing and sanction Donald Sterling.

As for the little money grabber, her Sugar Daddy days are over.

Not that many others could be as bigoted as Sterling, but what Daddy Warbucks in his right mind would date her?

She’d best dig-up her user name and password.

The next Clippers game she sees will be from a booth at Applebee’s sitting across from some poor dude living in his mom’s garage…and that won’t buy much bling.

Sterling and Girlfriend

John Paul II’s Letter to Ronald Reagan…a Must Read

April 26, 2014

There’s something refreshing about having your windows cleaned after a long dusty summer.

On this eve of the Canonization (election to the Catholic Hall of Fame) of the man who’s arguably among the greatest leaders of the 20’th century, I had to share a unique communication he had with another incomparable visionary of that era, Ronald Reagan.

Conservative Christians like me can’t help but feel pride.

The occasion was the 200’th anniversary of our beloved Constitution.

Here’s the link from the Vatican website.

An edited version I read in George Weigel’s book Witness to Hope inspired me to look for the entire letter and share the unedited communique’ below, as I couldn’t decide which sections to omit.

I hope you relish the words as much as I did.

Considering the dusty-ness of our outlook over the last few years, this brief reminder of the hope we have in an America founded in Truth, should help us fight against the change that those who hate this great land are trying to bring about.





Vizcaya Museum, Miami Thursday, 10 September 1987


Mr President,

  1. I am grateful for the great courtesy that you extend to me by coming personally to meet me in this city of Miami. Thank you for this gesture of kindness and respect.

On my part I cordially greet you as the elected Chief Executive of the United States of America. In addressing you I express my own deep respect for the constitutional structure of this democracy, which you are called to “preserve, protect and defend”. In addressing you, Mr. President, I greet once again all the American people with their history, their achievements and their great possibilities of serving humanity.

I willingly pay honour to the United States for what she has accomplished for her own people, for all those whom she has embraced in a cultural creativity and welcomed into an indivisible national unity, according to her own motto: E pluribus unum. I thank America and all Americans – those of past generations and those of the present – for their generosity to millions of their fellow human beings in need throughout the world. Also today, I wish to extol the blessing and gifts that America has received from God and cultivated, and which have become the true values of the whole American experiment in the past two centuries.

  1. For all of you this is a special hour in your history: the celebration of the Bicentennial of your Constitution. It is a time to recognize the meaning of that document and to reflect on important aspects of the constitutionalism that produced it. It is a time to recall the original American political faith with its appeal to the sovereignty of God. To celebrate the origin of the United States is to stress those moral and spiritual principles, those ethical concerns that influenced your Founding Fathers and have been incorporated into the experience of America.

Eleven years ago, when your country was celebrating another great document, the Declaration of Independence, my predecessor Paul VI spoke to American Congressmen in Rome. His statement is still pertinent today: “At every turn” he said, “your Bicentennial speaks to you of moral principles, religious convictions, inalienable rights given by the Creator”. And he added: “We earnestly hope that… this commemoration of your Bicentennial will constitute a rededication to those sound moral principles formulated by your Founding Fathers and enshrined forever in your history” (Pauli VI, Allocutio ad civiles Auctoritates Foederatarum Civitatum Americae Septemtrionalis, die 26 apr. 1976: Insegnamenti di Paolo VI, XIV [1976] 288ss.).

  1. Among the many admirable values of this nation there is one that stands out in particular. It is freedom. The concept of freedom is part of the very fabric of this nation as a political community of free people. Freedom is a great gift, a great blessing of God.

From the beginning of America, freedom was directed to forming a well-ordered society and to promoting its peaceful life. Freedom was channelled to the fullness of human life, to the preservation of human dignity and to the safeguarding of all human rights. An experience in ordered freedom is truly a cherished part of the history of this land.

This is the freedom that America is called to live and guard and to transmit. She is called to exercise it in such a way that it will also benefit the cause of freedom in other nations and among other peoples. The only true freedom, the only freedom that can truly satisfy, is the freedom to do what we ought as human beings created by God according to his plan. It is the freedom to live the truth of what we are and who we are before God, the truth of our identity as children of God, as brothers and sisters in common humanity. That is why Jesus Christ linked truth and freedom together, stating solemnly: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (Io 8, 32). All people are called to recognize the liberating truth of the sovereignty of God over them both as individuals and as nations.

  1. The effort to guard and perfect the gift of freedom must also include the relentless pursuit of truth. In speaking to Americans on another occasion about the relationship between freedom and truth, I said that “as a people you have a shared responsibility for preserving freedom and for purifying it. Like so many other things of great value, freedom is fragile. Saint Peter recognized this when he told the Christians never to use their freedom ‘as a pretext for evil’ (1 Petr 2, 16). Any distortion of truth or dissemination of non-truth is an offense against freedom; any manipulation of public opinion, any abuse of authority or power, or, on the other hand, just the omission of vigilance, endangers the heritage of a free people. But even more important, every contribution to promoting truth in charity consolidates freedom and builds up peace. When shared responsibility for freedom is truly accepted by all, a great new force is set at work for the service of humanity” (Ioannis Pauli II, Allocutio ad sodales communitatis Foederatarum Civitatum Americae Septemtrionalis in urbe Roma commorantes, 2, die 21 iun. 1980: Insegnamenti di Giovanni Paolo II, III/1 [1980] 1799).
  2. Service to humanity has always been a special part of the vocation of America and is still relevant today. In continuity with what I said to the President of the United States in 1979 I would now repeat: “Attachment to human values and to ethical concerns, which have been a hallmark of the American people, must be situated, especially in the present context of the growing interdependence of peoples across the globe, within the framework of the view that the common good of society embraces not just the individual nation to which one belongs but the citizens of the whole world… The present-day relationships between peoples and between nations demand the establishment of greater international cooperation also in the economic field. The more powerful a nation is, the greater becomes its international responsibility, the greater also must be its commitment to the betterment of the lot of those whose very humanity is constantly being threatened by want and need… America, which in the past decades has demonstrated goodness and generosity in providing food for the hungry of the world, will, I am sure, be able to match this generosity with an equally convincing contribution to the establishing of a world order that will create the necessary economic and trade conditions for a more just relationship between all the nations of the world, in respect for their dignity and their own personality” (Ioannis Pauli II, Allocutio ad Praesidem Foederatarum Civitatum Americae Septewtrionalis in urbe “Washington” hahita, die 6 oct. 1979: Insegnamenti di Giovanni Paolo II, II/2 [1979] 660).
  3. Linked to service, freedom is indeed a great gift of God to this nation. America needs freedom to be herself and to fulfill her mission in the world. At a difficult moment in the history of this country, a great American, Abraham Lincoln, spoke of a special need at that time: “that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom”. A new birth of freedom is repeatedly necessary: freedom to exercise responsibility and generosity, freedom to meet the challenge of serving humanity, the freedom necessary to fulfill human destiny, the freedom to live by truth, to defend it against whatever distorts and manipulates it, the freedom to observe God’s law–which is the supreme standard of all human liberty – the freedom to live as children of God, secure and happy: the freedom to be America in that constitutional democracy which was conceived to be “one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.

JPII and Reagan




How Many Died in the Name of Atheism?

April 25, 2014

Have you ever wondered why you only hear the term “millions have died in the name of religion,” but never the opposite?

Fact is, millions have died because they were religious, at the hands of atheists who despised them.

Stalin, Hitler and Mao, all practicing atheists murdered more people in the 20th Century than all wars fought over religion combined.

Now, practicing atheists will get their feathers ruffled about one of the criminals that I’ve mentioned above.

Can you guess who they claim was not an atheist?

That’s right, the most notorious of all, Adolph Hitler.

They’ll cry foul because Hitler was a baptized Catholic.

But what they can’t hide is that Hitler rewrote the story of Jesus to fit his narrative.

He believed Jesus was a Jew hating Aryan, who wanted to wipe out His own people.

How convenient.

Those close to Hitler also knew that he only used God or Providence as a way to manipulate.

Hitler was a cunning Commander-in-Chief who was furious with his allies the Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor.

He felt that as long as the U.S. stayed out of World War II, he had a chance of conquering all of Europe.

He almost succeeded were it not for an attention seeking Japanese Emperor.

Here’s the bottom line…don’t let militant atheists trick you into thinking they’re anything less than synonyms of Hitler.

They’re objective is the ideological death of all those who place a Holy Creator above man.

One last thing, whenever you find yourself toe to toe with a warring atheist…tell them you want scientific proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are in fact atheists….because that’s what they’ll do to you.

Beat them to the punch, and if they can’t provide that scientific proof (a lie detector test will suffice) then they don’t have a leg to stand on.

Oh…don’t worry about them passing that test either…Romans 1:19-21 guarantees they’ll flunk.

Since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.

Hitler was Atheist



White Settlement vs United Negro College Fund

April 24, 2014

When Jesus and the Apostles didn’t wash according to Jewish custom the Pharisees whined about them being unholy.

What were these pompous priests really up to?

You know, deflecting attention from their misdeeds, pushing negative vibes onto the Lord, Who they hated.

I’m growing weary of PC cops condemning good people for using words that once were perfectly acceptable, but are now unholy.

Here’s a shocker Elizabeth Warren fans won’t accept…did you know there’s a city in Texas called White Settlement?

And–the reason for their moniker was folks who moved there were often confused with another settlement nearby that was exclusively Native American, so to differentiate they used a colorful adjective.

Was it hatred, racism, or extremism?

Ask a liberal and he’ll say all of the above.,_Texas

Did you know there’s an organization called the United Negro College Fund, a.k.a. UNCF?

Kind of how KFC is really Kentucky Fried Chicken, but because fried anything is worse than Marlboros to leftists.

Here’s when use of the softer “n” word should be unacceptable to uppity whites…when the good people who started the UNCF change their name to something else.

Otherwise, a whine is a terrible thing to waste.

United N College Fund





When Will IRS Play Fair?

April 23, 2014

I remember getting into a wrestling match on Loumar Drive with a kid in my neighborhood named Jamie.

His dad drove by and upon seeing my cousin Billy helping me, he rolled down his window and said…”Listen, I don’t mind Jamie getting into a fight, just so long as it’s fair…one on one.”

Good for you Arnie (Jamie’s dad).

Fast forward to today.

First of all, the IRS got it right when they revoked the tax exempt status of a conservative group that made a political comment about Hillary Clinton.


Jim, have you lost your right wing mind?

Not at all…those are the rules…which is why your pastor or priest can’t endorse a political candidate.

Here’s my point.

Imagine if the IRS actually played fair and also revoked the status of hundreds of liberal leaning non-profits who did the same?

Can you imagine them pulling the rug out from under a charity that criticized Bush or Romney?

I can’t.

Conservatives don’t mind laws, provided they’re equally enforced.

IRS gets an F in terms of fairness.

Arnie gets an A.

2 kids wrestling


Kafta Recipe–Kibbee’s Little Brother

April 22, 2014

If I told you the number one appetizer Lebanese eat before consuming Kibbee Nayee (raw), was a variation, also raw,  would you believe it?

I thought so.

Listen, there’s no better way to supercharge your appetite than with the unfettered–unaltered–flavor of beef.

That’s why my raw Kafta recipe is NOT the same as the one for the grill.

This is an appetizer that literally blows the doors off onion dip or salsa.

Your friends and family won’t ever forget it.

And since my post yesterday was about HOW to buy Kibbee Meat, it’s the perfect time to share another gem.

First off, when buying the meat for Kibbee, order an extra pound for the Kafta and watch it disappear.

Don’t ask your butcher for Kafta Meat either…he won’t know what that means.







Dice the onion and chop the parsley.  Toss everything together in a bowl with wet hands and mix it all together.  Serve with pita bread.

kibbee time 004

I’ve eaten grilled Kafta from the hand of hundreds of middle eastern cooks; never has it tasted the same…if you wish to grill your Kafta and not go raw, simply add in ground cinnamon, ground allspice and ground coriander, roll into patties or balls and treat it like a burger…Sahtayn.


Kibbee Recipe–Not for Amateurs

April 21, 2014

My wife likes to say, if you can read you can cook.

That’s true; it’s really all about following directions.

As for making Kibbee Nayee (sushi style) the key is a butcher you can trust.

Thank God for Harry’s Supermarket in Pittsfield–the Nichols family.

They know Kibbee because they’re into their third generation of selling it and eating it.

Bottom line–if you’re not within an hour’s drive of Harry’s…call your butcher and ask if he sells it.

If he seems confused, don’t try and explain it–too risky–in fact, throw your phone into the toilet, because Kibbee from an amateur will send you there anyway, and you don’t want to be his guinea pig; I made that mistake once…never again.

Kibbee is especially fun on Easter Sunday, because you can decorate it with a Cross and then bring it to your brother’s house and he and his kids will fall to their knees praising your cooking skills.

Another secret, after locating an expert butcher, is that it’s incredibly simple to make.

I promise you this recipe can’t fail and you’ll be shocked at how the butcher really does all the work.









Soak the bulgar in water for at least 30 minutes. Puree the onions in a food processor to the consistency of Cream of Wheat.  In a large bowl, with wet hands, place the meat, the cracked wheat, after squeezing out the water, and the pureed onions.  Top with all the spices then mix it together like making a mud pie.  It’s that easy…serve with Pita bread and olive oil to drizzle over the top.

Let me know how it goes…I’m curious…and please…no horror stories…you’ve been warned.

kibbee time 001