Pee-Wee’s Secret Word

When it came to absolute lunacy on Saturday morning TV, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse might’ve had the final word.

My wife wasn’t impressed.

If you read this blog, you’re not surprised I found it amusing…I love spoofs.

The nerdy comedian began each show with Conky the Robot printing off a secret word.

Whenever anyone on the show used it, everybody screamed real loud.

Honestly, he got me every time…off guard that is.

I’ve no idea who comes up with the talking points for the DNC; someone robotic I’m sure.

What I do know is what they are, and since they’re so much less clever than Pee-Wee, they catch no one off guard.

This morning an anti-Jim Massery letter to the editor was published in our local paper. (Rebutting a recent submission I offered decrying the woes of Obamacare, and discussing the closure of a local hospital).

Two DNC talking points were front and center.

Permit me to repost an excerpt below…his name is irrelevant…and since he’s a private citizen, I won’t attack him for being a liberal…he’s wallowing in enough self-loathing already.

As a matter of fact Massachusetts’ universal health care law under then-Governor Mitt Romney has been the law for nearly 10 years. It is an exact image of Obama’s ACA.

Why doesn’t he ask the Koch brothers to, instead of spending millions buying politicians, pump $30 or $40 million into NARH where it would do a whole community a lot of good?

The problem the DNC has is these talking points, “Romney” and “the Koch Brothers,” just aren’t working.

You see, they’ve worn out “blame Bush,” so now they’re jumping on Mitt, but their totally confused…almost like a school kid who fails a test, then tries to blame the kid he copied for having the wrong answers.

I’m good with that.

As far as the Kochs are concerned, I promise you, the average low information voter probably thinks they’re talking about boycotting Coca Cola.

Now, everybody, let’s all SCREAM REAL LOUD.





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