Let Me Be Blount Mr. Belichick

Some of my best NFL memories are of a power running back from the Miami Dolphins.

No one could spell his name, but they sure as heck knew what he could do.

Larry Csonka gained over a 1,000 yards in 1972.

Zonk loved running into arm-tacklers, as he dragged them for extra yardage.

Coach Don Shula built his offense around him, opening up passing lanes for Tom Griese to Paul Warfield (Earl Morrall while Griese was hurt).

True NFL fans know how special that season was…they went undefeated.

Another interesting thing happened on the way to the Super Bowl.

A smaller back, Mercury Morris, also gained 1,000 yards.

It was the first time ever that two running backs in the same backfield reached that milestone…one inside, the other outside…a beautiful thing.

Fast forward to the 2013 season for the New England Patriots.

No Super Bowl, not undefeated, but at least another AFC Championship appearance.

Let’s also make a few adjustments for inflation (of the passing game and schedule that is).

It’s almost hard to believe, but Paul Warfield, the star receiver for the Dolphins, only had 29 receptions in 1972…that’s it.

Using Massery math, adding in the 105 catch Julian Edelman factor, then subtracting the 16 vs 14 game season, I’ve calculated that the 772 and 773 yards that LeGarette Blount and Stevan Ridley rushed for respectively, equates to the same feat as Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris, right to the penny.

Mr. Belichick, I’m a huge fan of the Pats, and YOU too, but someone has to say this.

As far as I’m concerned, when you let LeGarrette Blount walk away to the Steelers for a lousy $3.85 million over 2 years, you just broke up Csonka and Morris over a bag of potato chips.

And you’re supposed to be the guy who loves NFL nostalgia?

Speaking of pennies, here’s another factor that needs to be added to the “ticked off and ready to scream fan club.”

Chad Ochocinco’s $6 million for one season…and yes, one touchdown…remember that?

Bad, bad, bad idea Bill, LeGarrette will make the Steelers much better.

I like Ridley, but plan on seeing your team’s run production taper off by at least 30%.

Funny…after the Dolphins rise in the early 70’s, the next dominant team was the Steelers.

Never help them Bill…you know the rules.

PS…(i.e. final rant) The Pats would NOT have had a home playoff game, forget about a first round bye, if Blount hadn’t carried your team on his back the entire months of December and January…Considering the effects of altitude, the Denver game should be thrown out…Personally, I can barely stand up the first 24-hours I’m there on business.  I just can’t get over throwing a guy to the curb, who arguably had the greatest playoff performance in Patriots history, with 4 TD’s vs. the Colts.

LeGarrette Blount's Record Setting TD Performance against the Colts in the Playoffs



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