Noah and the Pair of 800 lb. Gorillas

This is NOT a review of the movie Noah.

I haven’t seen it.

Considering the number of warnings floating around, I’m not convinced it’s worth $12.

Time will tell.

What I find far more curious, is how the most obvious thing of all regarding Noah the Movie is hardly making news.

Are you ready?

Some of you will be mad…but I don’t care.

Here it is…

(Taking a deep breath and asking very slowly) Did-the-Biblical-story-of-Noah’s-Ark-REALLY-happen?

I mean…think about it…pairs of EVERY animal, finding their way onto a gigantic yacht, as if they received a travel voucher for an all expense paid destination wedding for two on the Love Boat?

Here’s the strangest part.

Cover your eyes agnostics (and anyone with a Cambridge, Massachusetts address).

(Whispering) I’m down with it.

Ouch…an I-pad just bounced off my reputation.

So…you think I’m stupid?

Guess what, I’ll say it again…I DON’T CARE.

It’s my faith and I’ll do with it what I want.

Bottom line people, especially you middle of the road Christians….Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Well…did He?

If you said yes (or even, I’d like to believe that–help me Lord) does it not mean God can do anything?

Resurrection is a miracle, life/all of creation (including you) is a miracle, love is a miracle (not the lusting kind but the forgiving kind).

Our Heavenly Father isn’t the least bit interested in Noah the Movie failing or succeeding.

ALL He cares about…and I mean ALL, is whether or not YOU believe He raised His Son from the dead.

That’s it.

Here’s the doctrine; Romans 10:9, and pay close attention because there’s a prize if you get this right.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

Did you catch that?

I certainly want to be saved from annihilation.

And guess what Christian brothers…God is so good He even loves vegetarians and environmentalists…hard to believe I know.

So…did you hear the one about the two 800 pound gorillas that walked onto a cruise ship?








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