Dairy Queens vs. Climate Change

Every November Dairy Queens in Pittsfield shut down for 5 months, because the climate changes so drastically.  (They’re really not DQ’s, just independents.)

When the weather gets bad, folks who run them simply lose their customers to the frigidity.

No one criticizes these hard-working people who toil daily the other 7 months for taking time off.

As far as the country’s health care system is concerned, the climate has changed severely there too.

Except the change it’s taking on is more like a lightning strike than a drop in temperature.

Over the past few days I’ve commented on social media and written a letter to the editor locally, about a nearby rural hospital that’s announced its closure.

Liberals have been freaking out because I dared to mention that Obamacare may have been a factor in discouraging the board to keep the facility open.

Did you ever think a liberal would argue against climate change?

These people are so enslaved by Obama, I think they’d open a Dairy Queen in Fargo on Christmas Day if their progressive messiah told them to.

Affordable Care Act and friends, please go jump in a frozen lake.

Wait…that wouldn’t be good, who will fix their broken necks as they hit the ice?


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