Gender Neutral Mean Girls

I have a very hard time with lefty women who push that politically correct “gender neutral” shtick.

It’s a lie built on the premise that if you believe men and women are wired differently then you’re somehow a bigot.

Fact is, men are defenders, women are nurturers.

So when a little boy wants to play cops and robbers, or Army, gender neutral mean girls try and stop them.

Have they nothing better to do?

Another tragedy is them telling little girls they can’t wear pink, or play with dolls…or do dress up games.

Talk about mean.

Where am I going with my pointless points today?

Listen…there’s a far bigger problem; these same women, supposedly trying to equal things out, so men have no more advantage over women, are the same gaggle promoting abortion on demand.

This murderous practice, especially in places like China and India, have morphed into a gender selection epidemic, that now kills more little girls than pictures of Paul McCartney in 1964.

And how is that you say?

Why it’s the ultrasound of course, which give parents a window into the womb and the private parts.

Oh that this technology never existed; literally millions of baby girls would be alive today.



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