Who Voted for Obamacare?

Recently a friend of Natalie’s was visiting the house.

We talked about the sad news of the small regional hospital in our area (North Adams) that’s closing any day now.

I wasted no time bringing up the fact that small hospitals all over America are shutting their doors, unable to comply and/or remain liquid under the strict demands and changes of the Affordable Care Act.

Natalie’s friend (let’s call her Cee Cee) declared something I found compelling.

Who voted for that?

Good question Cee Cee.

The answer is NOBODY.

Please don’t ever forget people, the Affordable Care Act was pushed through without public consent.

A grand total of ZERO Americans, except for the politicians of ONE political party, are the cause for this new law that’s negatively affecting one of the most important and highly delicate systems of our economy.

And I thought America was a Democracy.

Turns out it’s really a Representative Republic, which means we vote those in who we like, and vote those out who we don’t, asking them to speak for us.

Yes friends, change is coming, because the people are not happy.

Voting Machine


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