Hospitals Burn While Emperors Fiddle

Yesterday I posted about a movie called Quo Vadis.

It’s the story of Caesar Nero.

History teaches Nero deliberately set fire to Rome, in order to rebuild it better than before.

He never considered the harm he was doing.

The line that poked me hardest was when he said “I’m doing it for them.”

His dastardly act was so unpopular with citizens he chose to blame early Christians for the inferno, to escape criticism.

Of course, followers of Jesus had nothing to do with the blaze, but since they were small in number, it made them an easy target.

Fortunately for Truth’s sake, Christians weren’t as weak as Nero thought.

While he tortured them in the coliseum, they sang hymns of praise, embracing martyrdom like heroes.

I see history repeating itself in the Obamacare disaster.

Just today a small local hospital announced it would close. (North Adams Regional)

As far as the President’s concerned, his health care changes make life better.

Tell that to 530 plus folks being laid off on Friday, not to mention the thousands of families who relied on the Hospital for care.

Maybe we should blame it on the Christians?

That’d be easy, most are conservatives who opposed the Affordable Care Act.

Violin music anyone?

Emperor Nero


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